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Don’t starve yourself Turkey Day!!

Okay so today your headed to grandma’s house or Aunt Susy’s and they make the best (insert the food or dessert) Now you think the best strategy is to starve yourself all day so that you can get your grub on at Thanksgiving dinner.


Trust me, my Grandma is the best cook, she can make brown rice take like a treat.  Sorry, I digress.  When you starve yourself you body goes into starvation mode and thinks no food is coming an actually holds on to all the food that you eat.  So when you think you are saving calories and not eating you are actually doing a disservice to your body and all the extra food that you consume because you are hungry will turn to wait for it.. FAT!!!  So the moral of this story!!

Severely restricting your calorie intake will not work!  So are are asking, what should I do to serve a day of eating!

  • eat small meals throughout the day
  • drink water so that you stay hydrated
  • pick your battles, select 2 high fat/caloric items and you are done
  • lose the dark meat — white meat has less calories and fat

Good luck out there!! We can survive the holiday without gaining much weight.


3 thoughts on “Don’t starve yourself Turkey Day!!”

  1. It’s surprisingly healthier to eat dark meat! search this on google and you’ll find out why “Food Fight: White Turkey meat versus Dark meat”.

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