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Eat All The Halloween Candy You Want!

Just kidding! Here we are on the cusp on Halloween and you trying to build your courage and willpower. I get it, you live in a neighborhood where spaceballspaceballthere are a ton of kids and if you don’t buy a truckload of candy your house will get egged or on November 2nd you are going to walk in to find your office filled with candy landmines. Hear are 4 tips to avoid that’

  1. Buy candy you don’t like. That way you are less tempted to nibble between trick or treaters
  2. Can you go candy free and not the be the weird house in the neighborhood’ Could you have out granola bars or snack packs of nuts
  3. Don’t buy loose candy. Trust me I love me some candy corn, but if I buy a bag it’s going down!!! As my coach would say jackass behavior is going to happen.
  4. Heading to a Halloween party, how about bring the healthy appetizer or entree to share.
  5. Just stay away, because they are small doesn’t mean that don’t pack on the calories. To find out how many calories, check this out.

2 thoughts on “Eat All The Halloween Candy You Want!”

  1. Here’s my solution…just don’t buy it! I know myself and I can’t be trusted. If I buy it, I will eat it! I was a bit of a scrooge this year and went and saw a movie with a friend instead of handing out candy. That saved me from any jackass behavior! 😉

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