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Eating Mindfully: How to End Mindless Eating and Enjoy a Balanced Relationship with Food Review

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There are a handful of popular books on mindful eating. While researching lists of the most popular ones I came across Eating Mindfully. It appears on a lot of the lists of favorite mindful eating books so it seemed worth giving a closer look. Dr. Albers really has her hand on the pulse of mindful eating.

If you struggle with mindless snacking, cravings you can’t win against, or shame when you decide to eat the foods you love then this book is for you. Mindful eating is the cure for all of that.

It’s about more than just eating as well, [Tweet “mindful eating is about creating a healthy relationship with food that’s good for the mind and the body. “]Eating a meal should nourish the body and soul. It should be an enjoyable experience, not a rushed one.

The thing is, that’s so different from how most people think today. Learn how to slow down and really enjoy your food.

[Tweet “Did you know that by slowing down and really focusing on your food you’ll not only eat less but you’ll feel more satisfied with the meal’ “]On top of that your body will have an easier time digesting the meal.

I think the biggest thing you can pull from this book is the part about guilt. So many diets out there tell you what you can’t eat. They tell you to eat less in general, exercise more, and they make you feel bad about ever indulging in foods deemed “unhealthy.” The thing is, you should never feel guilty about eating food. There are no bad foods. Sure, some are more nourishing, but eating some ice cream or a donut isn’t going to hurt you.

Rather than looking at things as mistakes, this book teaches you to look at them as choices. Each bite you take is a choice and you should never feel bad about the choices you make. Instead, just listen to how your body feels and try to make choices that make your body feel better.

There is a Kindle version of this book available but I highly suggest the paperback. It’s one of those books that is more effective when you can dog ear and highlight important pages to refer to later. You’ll also want to refer to it as you work towards better mindful eating.

I’ve also done a podcast on her other book 50 Ways To Soothe Without Food. Click here to listen. 


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