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Everything You Need to Know About Ozempic|234

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Hey everyone, it’s Kim here, your trusty host of Fit Girl Magic! So, I had the fab Dr. Janese pop by our episode. Together, we dished out some real talk about weight loss, Ozempic and GLP-1 medications, and why it’s sooo important to get your habits and mindsets in check, because let’s face it, popping pills alone won’t magically shrink that waistline. 


Dr. Janese was super clear these medications won’t do anything to alleviate the symptoms of menopause while GLP-1 is a hormone it has no impact on sex hormones, But hey, these drugs might just give a little nudge to that stubborn weight and get your metabolism humming.

Still, no Cinderella transformations here – it’s the long game we’re playing with these meds. She also emphasizes that you can’t forget about the holy trinity: healthy food, moving your body, and catching those Z’s! ‘Cause, you know, if your tank’s low on sleep, water, or your tummy’s all tied up in knots, don’t even think about eyeballing that scale for a happy number.

And let’s get real about those protein and fiber numbers – most women over 40 are barely hitting this number, it’s time to up your game. Dr. Janese and I also speak on everything from the magic (or not) of Ozempic and other glamorously named GLP-1 drugs.

We wrapped up our pow-wow with Janese reminding us that medications are like the cherry on a sundae – nice and all, but not the main event of your weight loss. What I loved most about this conversation is that Dr. Janese emphasized that the reason why you see Ozempic face, muscle loss is that for some users they are not adding in the nutrition basics adding in protein and fiber. While skimping on sleeping and not managing their stress.


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