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Episode 74  — The Moderation Mystery Revealed 

You aren’t alone if you think eating clean is the hardest part of living a healthy lifestyle. You think that it in order for it to be successful you need to create a good food bad food list and you can NEVER eat any fun foods or drink wine ever!! 

I’m here to set the record straight. 

Tonight’s show is all about moderation
What the heck does it mean’ 
How do you make a plan that accounts for fun foods’ 
How to NOT live a life of restriction and/or deprivation
The best way to “blend in” fun foods and drinks.

No food should be completely off-limits, your diet can determine the speed of your progress, while it can also completely nullify your efforts to the point where you won’t see any improvement despite all the hard work you’ve put in.

Join me Tuesday, July 9th 6:30pm EST and I will break it down.


Episode 73 — Discover The Secrets Of Meal Prep — That Get You In and Out Of The Kitchen 
Way too many people (come on admit it you are one of them) think that meal prep is all about identical-looking bland Tupperware meals (like chicken, sweet potato, and broccoli) and think, “Ugh… that’s not for me”! Then you have a second camp that can’t be bothered hitting the grocery store or overwhelmed with the thought of figuring it all out.

I’m here to tell you that There’s actually a happy middle ground!

Watch replay 


Here we are almost 1/2 way through the year. How many of you woke up on January 1st ready to CRUSH IT!!
How is it going’⠀⠀

Maybe you aren’t as far long as you thought, but you know that’s okay!!

On Tuesday’s show I’m going to break down how to press the reboot button and get a fresh start.

We’ll talk about how:
✅To not fear change 
✅ Positive changes can make you a healthier and happier 
✅ Stop doubting yourself

You still have 6 months to make it happen. Join me if you are ready to step it up a notch!
Watch replay—> http://bit.ly/2R1t1eZ

Episode 71–Flexible Dieting: How to Quickly and Easily Create One.

When I first started getting healthy and fit, I thought it was ALL about finding and following the right “plan”. You see I was doing all the right things and STILL I struggled.

I knew that my obsession with the “right” foods, things was killing me and keeping me stuck.

What I learned is that true fitness and health success came from

Not going with what’s popular
Knowing the basics but adapting it to what YOU need
Having faith and belief that I will lose weight, but with effort

Tonight, I will share with you the power of flexible dieting and how it gives you freedom and keeps you from being obsessive. I know it’s hard to believe but the less I stressed about my “weight” the more I lost and the more peace I had in other areas of my life.

You’ll learn that true success in getting healthy and fit allows for flow and freedom vs. the doing what you think is the “right thing”.

Will you join me’ Watch right here 


Episode 70–  Who Else Wants To Stop Making These Fitness Mistakes

Yes, creating a consistent fitness program, can be difficult. In this world of social media there are guru’s, Instagram models coming at you from every direction and offering advice, tips, and “proven” programs. While many of these people are correct in their approaches. The challenge is finding not just the most accurate and useful information, but how you do you take that information and advice and apply to your life.

On Tuesday, March 26th I will be sharing the most common mistakes and how you can easily correct the mistakes you’re likely making – hey, we all make mistakes. Not to worry!

When you take the time to improve your fitness program, and avoid or correct mistakes, you’ll not only have a more enjoyable experience, you’ll achieve results faster. Watch reply right here

Episode 69 — Swimsuit Ready By Summer Even If You Are Over 40
Today we are 100 days away from the unofficial start of summer. We’ve just turned that clocks back the days and I don’t know about you but my mind starts thinking about longer days and warm summer nights.

Lately, I’ve been getting the question how can I get ready for summer. In 100 days and YES it’s possible. On Tuesday, I’ll be sharing a 5 step process to achieve swimsuit body by summer! 

–> simplicity — so that you don’t psych yourself out and keep your focus on your goals 
–> small goals — so that you know where the heck you are goal 
–> create a process — so that you can focus on what will actually achieve your goals again again and again 
–> accountability — because sometimes we all need someone to look over our  shoulders.  Watch the replay here 


Episode 68 — Creating A Wellness Vision That Get Results 

You have an idea in your head of what fitness looks like for you’ Yet sometimes what you see in your head and how life works, you doesn’t always add up.

Creating a Wellness Vision provides you with a framework to improve their health, fitness, and wellness.

This is a way to help clients take the pressure off of goal setting. Creating a vision helps you to set a clear path and gives you boundaries in case you ever stray off course. Watch replay right here

I break down the best way to create a wellness vision.

–> how to get clear on what you want — paint a picture
–> What will keep you motivated
–> Access where you are right now
–> What would you look and feel like at your ideal level of wellness


Join me LIVE!!! Tuesday, February 12th at 6:30pm EST

Episode 67 —  To Women Who Want To Bust A Weight Loss Plateau — Tuesday, January 22, 2019 6:30pm EST 

We’ve all had it. You are cruising along weight is falling off you, you’re dropping dress sizes left and right and then BOOM! Out of nowhere you weight just STALLS! You are doing all the “right things” but NOTHING is working.
You start to feel like its you. You are a “loser” you are a “failure”. Then you start grasping at anything to get back those gains. You start exercising more and dropping your calories and again nothing. It’s only kicking up your cravings and leaving you hungry.

On Tuesday, I’ll be bring down new strategies and techniques that will help you bust through your weight loss plateau.

I will take about
► how to fat loss works
► repairing your metabolism from yo-yo dieting
► exercising smarter
► efficient weight loss

Episode 66 — The New Laws Of Weight Loss in 2019
Watch replay click here

I have good news and then some even better news for YOU if you are women who looking to lose weight and you always feel like you spend so much energy thinking about how I look, worrying that others are judging me for my weight.

I’ve got some good news for you. I am bringing my absolute best self, live for you to the The New Laws Of Weight Loss and since you are here and reading this post, you must already know and love me and my work. 😉

Or your kids are logging into your computer, again…

So trust me when I tell you that in The New Laws Of Weight Loss

I am sharing some of my best ever work, and I don’t say that lightly.

What I’m about to share is more than what you’ve heard.
–> drop calories by 500/day and increase your cardio
–> go keto
–> run from sugar, carbs and gluten

On Tuesday, I’m gonna bust open all those quick fixes AND talk to you about how to handle days when you just feel like having a bottle of wine and some pretzel chips.

I’ll show you how you can create a healthy lifestyle by taking life one step at a time, making small adjustments to your routines and how to become consistent without stressing about being perfect.

And as if that weren’t we’ll talk about how to stop playing small and really go for it, so that the positive changes that you are making in your life are not just physical.