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Episode 23 — Tuesday, December 27th 6:30pm EST (Replay of Episode One)    Episode 22 — 10 Ways Exercise Boosts Your Self Confidence  Aired Tuesday, December 13th  When I first started working out it was all about looking better. We all want to fit into our pants right!! Sure I got that but I gained so much more from working out. It boosted my self confidence. I would not have the courage to start my business, do multiple fitness competitions or have the self esteem/confidence that I have. Show Notes. Show Replay 





Episode 21 — 14 Lessons Remain Calm This Holiday about holiday stress and how to succeed. Aired Tuesday November 22nd  We are standing at the beginning of the crazy holiday season. Let’s prep for any awesome season  without all the craziness. I want to help you stay on track this holiday season by giving you 14 tips for healthier holiday parties. It’s too easy this time of year to indulge, all the excitement has our energy levels sky high and we’ll probably be attending multiple parties with food and booze. In this episode I talk about how to remain mindful of your physical and mental health while still enjoying the season with moderation. After all, when the holiday season has been and gone we’ll be left to pick up the pieces and the less pieces there are to pick up, the easier it will be for us to get back on track for the start of the New Year. Show notes 14 ways to stay calm this holiday season.– Show replay



Episode 20 — Ttaking-the-headacheaking The Headache Out Of Thanksgiving. Airs Tuesday, November 8th [6:30]PM Make this the year, that you give up leaving the Thanksgiving table bloated and stuffed like a turkey. I”ll be sharing simple tips for you to take the pressure off of yourself and enjoy the holiday. Show notes.  Replay will be available within 24 hours of show date.

What The F Do I Eat'

Episode 19 — What The F Do I Eat’ Aired Tuesday, October 25th. We are bombarded with messages this is good for you, no don’t eat this. A recent found that. AHHH enough. Does this keep you stuck and not moving forward in your quest for living a a healthier life’ A girl in my group asked me this question and it made me laugh out loud as we have so OVERCOMPLICATED eating. Watch on Tuesday, October 25th where I break down that basics of healthy eating. NO it doesn’t have a name. It’s just the reality of life. What makes up a meal, are you enough hungry, do you need more and BTW there is no plan. I’m gonna teach you how to listen to your body. Show notes. Replay 



Episod3e 18 — Going Vegan Not As Hard As You Think aired Tuesday, October 11th 6:30pm EST  Thinking about going plant-based but don’t know where to begin’ During this episode you’ll get all the information you need to try this diet for 30 days and see how it goes! We’re going to look at the four most common types of plant-based diets. You can decide which approach is right for you. There is no right or wrong answer here; it’s really just about what you want to accomplish by changing your diet, and why you’re changing it. Some people choose this lifestyle because they want to feel healthier, while others have moral reasons for their choices. Do what’s best for YOU. Watch live — replay. Grab your show notes here.



Episode 17 —  Breaking Up With The Diet Mindset — aired, Tuesday, September 27th One the biggest cause of struggle is searching for the short-­‐term fix that you think will sustain you. You chase that detox, cleanse or food group breaking up with the diet mindsetelimination and you come up with little to no results to show for your efforts. You are left googling another short-­‐term solution and again no results and the chasing continues. Sound familiar’ I say this with utter love and support. So many women fall into the viscous cycle. Instead of being a seeker why not focusing on learning and practicing weight management that will last for the long term. If you are ready to give up your seat on the struggle train, I’ll be sharing tips on: ✅ Beating the temporary mindset mentality ✅ Why exercise needs to factor into your dieting plan ✅ How to manage the stops and starts If you are ready to have confidence in your food and exercise choices. Be sure to tune in!! Show notes will be available before show and replay.




Episode 16 — 6 Week Body Reboot  airs Tuesday, September 13th  You are done lacking the energy to workout; making excuses about why you can’t go to the gym and having trouble find the “right” foods you like to fit into your “plan.” You think your eating right but results, what the hell are those. Feeling stuck in a body that you don’t recognize and can barely tolerate let alone love! I hear you: ➡️ You’re over battling cravings like a Green Beret ➡️ Despite your crazy busy life you want to get in your workouts ➡️ Thinking about food shouldn’t feel like you are deciding what college to go to all over again. ➡️ You want to find foods that leave you feeling satisfied and room for having a little vino =) 🍷☺️ You want consistency. You are so over white knuckling it fighting off your sweet tooth cravings when no healthy substitute will curb them. Willpower, what the hell is that. We’ll talk about ✅ workouts that work for your body ✅ have to eat healthy and still have time for fun treats ✅how to get consistent with your workouts and nutrition Show Notes Watch the replay here



Episode 15 — How to use a structured diet to build a healthy lifestyle. Tuesday, August 23rd 6:30PM exercise vs diet Trying to lose weight and lead a healthy life can be tough, It can be as simple as waking up one day and deciding to lose weight because you want to do better for yourself and loved ones. You could also get started by doing tons of research on how to develop the best personal weight loss plan.. I’m here to tell you that a lot of great results that come from trial and error to find out what works best for you. A structured diet can go such a long way in helping you get stared. Grab your show notes right here.  Replay



Episode 14 — Detox your pantry  Tuesday August 9th 6:30PMdetox your pantry Okay, what I mean is so many of us when we decide to lose weight, get healthy whatever you want to call it, we decide to increase or start exercising. When you want start to get healthy – where do you go first” Exercise” Sure you can workout and I encourage you to do so BUT if your diet isn’t there it’s like pouring water into a bucket with a hole in it. Most of us don’t look at changing up our food. Sure you may be eating clean or cleaner, but I will tell you that there are plenty of “healthy” foods out there that may be overly processed. Grab your show notes.  Watch the replay right here  




Episode 13 — How to incorporate positive thinking into your life.1744-Positive-800x600 Having negative thoughts can play havoc on your life. They can bring you pain and worry. They drain your energy and keep you in the moment instead of being able to move past it. Positive thoughts, though, can help you see solutions to a problem, help you move forward and leave you feeling relaxed and full of energy. Positive energy can be like a battery. Sometimes you need to draw energy to you. Join me on Tuesday, July 26th 6:30PM Grab your show notes Watch the replay right here.


Episode 12 — Self Sabotage Airs Tuesday, July 12th [6:30]PM EST  Do you sabotage yourself’ You might, if any of these examples look familiar sabtoge

  • You’re on a “diet” and having company and decide to buy dessert just for “them”. They come and don’t eat the dessert they are on a diet too. But late one night, when you are home alone, you get an attack of the munchies. So you eat the cookies that aren’t on your diet and shouldn’t have been in your house.
  • You have decided to start an online business, working part-time in the evening while you keep your day job. You treat your online business like a regular job, setting up a schedule to make sure that you dedicate enough time to it. You start to make progress in building your business, and have a little success. But then you stop. Grab your show notes right here. 

iifymEpisode 11 — IIFYM SUCKS!!! June 28th  I totally get that we all want to live a healthy life without deprivation. But when you just focus on numbers and not what foods are doing for your body. You are not going to win the weight loss game. IFYM with leave you with a disordered eating problem. You won’t learn how to feed your body or fight your cravings. Join me to find out more about flexible dieting and how it helps you WIN the weight loss game!! Grab your show notes here.  Watch the replay here





Episode 10 — 9 Problems Everyone Has With Vacation Eating And How To Solve Them — Airs June 14th 
vacation fitnessBefore vacation you are all like I’m going to rock my swimsuit, look amazing in my vacation photos. You are hitting it hard at the gym, eating all the right things and THEN… it’s vacation time and your healthy diet and workouts go on vacation with you! Come on be honest raise your hands… I’ve been guilty of that that same vacation attitude. That’s why you go on vacation. It’s a your time to relax, live it up, and indulge. I mean come on, most of us don’t get enough vacation time!!! It may not seem that way but it’s possible for you to go on vacation and bring back the extra weight. Grab the show notes here.   Don’t get a chance to watch live here’s the replay.




Episode 9  — How Failing Fast is Your Secret To Success.  May 24th Let’s be Fab Fit TV honest who hasn’t failed. For use Red Sox fans we watched for 86 years of failure and then finally BOOM 2004 the Red Sox win the world series and then go on to win 3 more times.Fab Fit TV is where I share information and resources to help you become the healthiest most fabulous version of you. The same came be said about starting a healthy life. It will not take you 86 years but you can win the healthy living game. 8 Ways mindset Can Make You Invincible Watch the replay right here 

Episode 8 — Amazing Hacks To Increase Your Energy.   May 10th 


Rachel will talk about a new approach to managing your body’s energies called energy medicine, what it is, why it works and how to do it. Want to increase your vitality with just 5 minutes a day’ Results are cumulative. Try the Eden Energy Medicine five-minute routine and see what it can do for you. The routine includes exercises that can help to

  • Bring energy up to your brain, eyes, ears, face and hands
  • Send energy down to your feet so that you feel grounded
  • Improve your metabolism of food, toxins, hormones and feelings
  • Enhance your immune system
  • Improve coordination
  • Enhance your ability to communicate effectively and learn more easily
  • Feel connected with yourself and with others
  • Protect yourself from environmental toxins, electro-magnetic radiation and other people’s moods

Grab the show notes here. Watch replay here!

Episode 7 — Healthy Eating For Life.  April 26th eat healthy for life

Why is that we don’t stick with our diet plans, go to the 6am yoga class, or honor the other healthy plans we make for ourselves’ ✅ how to change the way you think about food. ✅ finding energy sources that help you stay healthy and consistent ✅ finally a I’ll share a cookbook resource that has over 40 recipes that are truly healthy and clean and fit many types of diets. It’s more than just a cookbook. It TEACHES you how to set up your own meal plan to lose fat. Grab your show notes here

Episode 6 —  8 Simple Steps To Make Summer Weight Loss A Reality.  April 12, 2016 

christina_transformationSpring comes and our minds fast forward to summer. We think of all the warm summer days with the sun shining on our faces and warm summer nights sitting outside watching the sunset while sharing laughs and memories with great friends and family. Then we think “I have some extra winter fluff to remove.” Now here’s where most of you will put a food group on blast and remove it from your “diet” thinking it’s the silver bullet to help dump those last few pounds. Some of you may go the exercise route and try to burn it off at the gym. During this show I will give you 8 tips to help fast track your summer weight loss goals.  Watch the replay here!! 




Episode 5 –Self Care: Filling Your Empty Cupselfcare_notag Airs, March 22nd  Are you so busy running around taking care of other people that you forget to take care of yourself” The best example of self care is when you are on an airplane and they say put your oxygen mask on first and then help others. As women many of us forget that and think about putting on everyone else’s oxygen mask and then maybe we’ll get a chance to put on ours. On this episode we’ll talk with Meredith Mills of TruNourish.  Meredith with introduce us to a’chromatherapy a way to use color, meditation and aromatherapy to change your mood, boost your immune system and increase your productivity. She’s also a chef and a massage therapist. Oh yeah — we are gonna learn so many ways that we can refill our cup when it’s empty!!  Watch the the replay.  Show notes


Episode 4 — Has dieting become part of who you are”  Watch Now! You put 20 people in a room and at least half of them have been on one or more “diets”. Dieting s the new normal in our world. If you are ready to stop the cycle.▶️ Your relationship with food ▶️ How to stop using food as a coping mechanism ▶️ How to finally break the dieting cycle Grab your show notes right here!!! 11 Ways To Drop Stubborn FAT!!


Episode 3 — Making Cleaning Eating for Families Fast, Fun and Easy! January 26th.clean eating family kid If you and your family are extremely busy, welcome to the club. Most modern families are starved for time on a daily basis. However, you should not opt for the fast food lane instead of clean eating simply because you have a hectic lifestyle. I will give some great tips on how to make it work for family. Grab the show notes — right here!





Episode Two — Eating Clean Doesn’t Have To Suck!! Watch Now! naomiOn this episode my good friend 1 Fit Foodie joins me to talk about how to clean eating doesn’t have to be boring. We’ll talk about ingredient swaps, healthier options and more!  Grab your FREE recipes that we talked about right here!!!






Episode One –20 Things To Do Beside Stuff Your Face We are all guilty of heading to the fridge out of boredom, frustration or habit. Here are 20 things to do instead. Got any more tips – hit me up. Watch Now!! Episode Action Sheet (click image)