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Falling In Love With Your Post Mom Bod

Only supermodels can give birth in the bathroom and then rock the runway.
I get so frustrated when my new mommies get down on themselves for not walking out in their pre-pregnancy skinny jeans.
Or when I’m with a new mom and a caring friend or stranger says you will get your body back.
Why is it so important that we get our bodies back immediately. Why does society tell us to do that versus be kind to yourself and focus on keeping your kid alive.
My guest on Tuesday’s show is all about how do you change the mindset. Replay

1 thought on “Falling In Love With Your Post Mom Bod”

  1. This is a very interesting topic. I do agree with you about being grateful for your body especially after just giving birth. When we start to decide to get back in shape later, it will be out of love for body and not because we are being pressured by others.

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