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Fat Tuesday is the celebration that occurs 40 days before Easter.  During this time Christians give up something they enjoy until Easter.  So on Fat Tuesday they indulgence or over indulgence on things they

enjoys before they give them up for lent.  So before you panic and think this  this this blog is religious.  There are 2 things I celebrate at this time of year.

  1. I look at this as a 2nd new year’s now’s the time that we can reflect our new year’s resolutions, and I ask myself, how are you doing against them.
  2. Then I ask myself if you have to give up something you enjoyed for 40 days what would it be’ Would it be your afternoon Rice Krispy treat, or trip to Starbucks’ Or would there be something that I can add’

If you hadn’t started on your resolution what can you start now’


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