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My Fitness Hero

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In 2001, my husband, Philip, and I were busy professionals. We both worked 60+ hours week and we were eating at whatever place would deliver or was on our way home. Does that sounds familiar’  That October we got married; I wanted to make sure my husband and I lived a nice long life of marital bliss. Instead of giving each other Christmas presents that year I suggested we give each other personal trainer.

In January of 2002 we started working with a personal trainer. This man rocked and turned our world upside down. We worked out with him for four months and he helped us shed a total of 80 combined pounds.He also taught us the importance of having fitness goals as well as the role the nutrition plays.  Good bye take out!

Since that initial meeting with the trainer, Philip, my husband, has really embraced fitness. He has run in a three Falmouth (7.1 miles) road races, competed in two obstacles courses and ran the Miami half marathon.

If that wasn’t enough, what makes Philip my fitness hero is three years ago he decided to compete in his first triathlon. We have been together almost 20 years and I’ve never seen him swim so I was like way to go! We get to Miami and the water was very rocky and he was a little freaked out, but instead throwing in the towel. He changed his goal to just getting out of the water alive.  Not a bad goal =) I’m proud to report, he did make it out of the water alive and has completed two tri’s. He is currently training for another one the first week of April. He uses this early spring tri as a way to help manage the winter weight gain and keep him busy since there’s no football and golf season is months away.

Over the years, Philip’s doctor has been very supportive of his training regime as it keeps his blood work looking good, his blood pressure and weight down. In fact, Philip is the only member of his family that isn’t taking a medication to manage his blood pressure.

I loved that our initial meetings with a trainer has set up us for a fitness lifestyle. For more than twelve years Philip has remained active. He’s always looking and willing to try new things to do and ways to stay fit inside and outside of the gym.

We all know it’s move it or lose it. He plans to stay active well into his golden years.


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