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No Food Should Hold You Hostage!

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When we were kids, we all did the hokey pokey, (please tell me you are smiling, nodding, some sort of recognition to what I’m talking about) you put your right hand in and then your right hand out, you did the hokey pokey and turn yourself around that’s what’s it’s all about… You get what I’m putting down.

Now many of you play that same game with fitness and nutrition. You’re eating great and then you’re eating crap, your turn yourself around and complain about results and you start the cycle all over again. Sound familiar’ Your diet and workouts are spot on during the and then that Friday whistle blows and you’re like a kid on summer vacation. It may start of innocently at drink after work, maybe a little extra something at dinner and then the same thing happens like ALL day Saturday and then by Sunday night you having the mental slug fest saying how you could you blow it like that and that this week things will be DIFFERENT you swear on a stack of bibles.

You are not alone, we have all played those food and workout games. My goal when I work with all my clients is to get them to a point where this become automatic. Where being consistent is something that just happens, you’re not stressed about food and no food holds your hostage. You can attend any event, travel, etc and not go off the deep end.

It’s all about consistency and planning.  Many of you believe in this all or nothing approach, sorry that’s asking for you to fail. We all have events and things in our lives where we want to enjoy and we all go around once. We should enjoy all that life has to offer (with moderation). What I mean by this, is think of your life as 90/10. If I’m 90% compliant with my food and workouts then I get to have treats, if I’m not at 90% then you guessed it, I don’t get my treats. So.. I don’t know about you a push really hard to get to 90%!

So how does that work’ Each week I sit down and map out my workouts. I also look at what social activities that I have on the calendar. My goal most weeks is to workout 5  times at least 30 minutes. To earn my treat meal, I need to workout a minimum of 4 times during the week AND I need to eat clean and not skip meals 90% the time so.. I eat 35 meals in one week (I eat 5 meals’day) So that means 32 meals need to be on plan.  Does this make sense’

Here is an example

Monday — Workout
Tuesday — Workout
Wednesday – Workout  — skipped got busy couldn’t make it
Thursday — rest day
Friday  — Workout — felt tired didn’t go Saturday and Sunday Worked

Guess what — TREAT!!!!!

Now — that’s one piece of the puzzle!
Eating — I know a collective eye roll

Monday – 5 meals Tuesday — 4 meals (subbed a class and skipped lunch)
Wednesday — 5 meals
Thursday — 5 meals — Paradise cookie (couldn’t resist)
Friday — 3 meals (got busy)
Saturday — 5 meals
Sunday — 5 meals
Just squeaked it out!!!  TREAT!!!

Does this now make a little more sense’
My methods are for those who want to lose weight fast. They are for those we want a lasting healthy lifestyle. So.. you can dive you and track compliance on both front (food and workouts) OR pick the on that is the most challenging for you.

I would love your feedback, if you have another idea as to how to say on pace.


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