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Are you ready for a results driven challenge’


FitOber Fest is all about changing your fitness levels in 30 days.


This is a results driven challenge.  You CAN change your fitness habits and change your life.

Yes.. it is POSSIBLE. Repeat after me it is possible.


With this challenge you determine goal. Whether it’s to

  • Lose weight fast
  • Break up with fast food to lose weight
  • Starting working out
  • Get back in to your skinny jeans


What needs to change is the ALL or NOTHING approach to fitness. No more Drill Sargent. You know the Drill Sargent who lives in your head who tells you don’t eat this or that, makes you feel guilty about not exercising or not exercising enough.  We are going to lock that Drill Sargent away so that voice will never come back! This program isn’t about guilt. It’s about creating a lifestyle that flexible and can blend in with your life.


How would you like to’

Have a day by day approach to changing your fitness
Have flexible options that FITS YOUR schedule


I’ve been a fitness and lifestyle coach for 10 years and I‘ve seen treads come and go.  What I have found interesting it is all about that making choices.  FitOber Fest can help guide you to make choices that will help you to lose weight fast and tone up. We’ll work together to find choices that will

Fit into your schedule
Easy to implement
Can work for your family

Here’s the problem with most “diets” they tell you want you CAN’T have. FitOber Fest doesn’t eliminate food groups instead I’ll show what the best choices are within food groups that will help you lose weight fast.


I will share with you my personal strategies that I’ve used personally as well as on other clients to help them lose weight fast and tightened up.


Supercharge your fitness results.  All you need do is click complete the form, I’m ready to get started.


FitOber Fest starts on Tuesday, October 1st and runs through
Thursday, October 31st.





ArrowBlue2 full body workout plans that can be done at home or in the gym

ArrowBlue1 meal plan that can be customized to your life

ArrowBlue1 grocery list

ArrowBlueWeekly motivational videos by me

ArrowBlueDaily emails – sharing recipes,  workouts, motivation and general fitness tips


So.. stop sitting on the sidelines, the time to take action is now!


Click Yes, I’m ready to get started!!!


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