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Fitsters Wanted!

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How do you know if you are a fitster” teamwork

We are a place for busy women who want it all!  You want to celebrate your achievements, while trying to be a great friend, wife and/or mom.  You are looking to find a balance among the chaos. You want to feel better about what you see in the mirror (hell even look in the mirror again). You want to reach in your closet and everything fits =)  You no longer have fat clothes and skinny clothes.

Over the years, you’ve let your fitness routine fall off  due to career and/or family conflicts, but you are looking for a way to fit in back in. You’re a fitster if you’ve even flipped through fitness magazines and said someday.

All have Fitsters have one thing in common they are ready to get their bodies back and lead a healthy lifestyle.

If you are looking for someone who can cut through all the fitness and nutrition BS that’s out there and help you understand and how you can take ACTION toward changing your habit, then you are a Fitser.  To learn more about me check out the about page.

Where else can we hang out together”
You can find me on Twitter. Be sure to follow me.

You can find me on Facebook. Be sure to like my fan page.

I also like to have a little fun on Pinterest. Make sure you check out some of my pins.

So, why should you follow me on any of these platforms”’ I post workouts, recipes, motivation, inspiration and things I just find humorous.

I look forward to having you join the team!!!

PS.. I’m working on videos.. so stay tuned!


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