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The Flip Flop Life!

It was winter of 2010 and it was snowing again, it was 5am and I was shoveling out my car to meet a 6am client. My car got stuck! I was flipfloplife½ in the street and ½ on my spotI had to wake my husband to help push me back in my spot and take his car and race to train my client.

That same winter because of the snow clients were canceling left and right. I was FED UP TRADING TIME FOR MONEY and was desperate to find a way out of the fitness hustle. It was snow driven desperation, where I found a method to CREATE A PASSIVE INCOME, that gave me the ability to QUIT my 60-hour/week-fitness hustle.

I now work from just from my laptop and I am completely free from the “fitness hustle.” I have a much simpler life, all my work is virtual, and it doesn’t rely on the weather. In fact this winter I am happy to say I haven’t had a snow day. My sanity and my bank account is very grateful.

Truth be told, I had this vision of working virtually doing what I loved helping women get healthy and feel amazing for years. It was during that winter that I finally said I needed to figure out a way.

I’m sure many of you are like me. You love being in the fitness industry. We do make our own schedules and we get to help people. HOWEVER, let’s face it the hours SUCK. We often work 12+-hour days Most nights I came home completely drained. I know I felt RESTRICTED both personally and financially.

I was tied down to a gym for my cash; if I didn’t work then I didn’t get paid. If a client cancelled, didn’t renew and I didn’t find a client to replace them I didn’t’ get paid. Instead of taking one week of vacation, I did long weekends and tied them around the big holidays at the gym. If I did take a vacation, I’d cram in as many clients as I could before an after the trip to “make up” for the cash loss.

During the ride to work on the snowy morning I was determined to change my life. I was sick of setting an alarm clock and struggling. It was one of those “is this my life” moments.

I love the fitness industry, love helping folks become for confident and strong, but wanted to have more time freedom to travel and work on projects that I enjoyed.

Just thinking about living the rest of my life like didn’t excite me and life is to short not to be excited about it. I kept asking myself, “How can I have my ideal lifestyle’”

I loved the work but I needed the work to work for ME not drown me with exhaustion!


I started reading other fitness Internet folks and I was like how are they making money and not killing themselves. I wanted a location free business that would really give me the time freedom that I craved! I wanted to spend time with my friends and family without being half asleep or feeling guilty that I wasn’t making money.

In 2012 I was introduced to new way of life. I did something that the old me would have never done! In November of 2012, it was a big birthday for my husband and I took him to Pebble Beach for 4 days. Then when I got back from the trip, I went to see some of my clients compete in Las Vegas and then it was Thanksgiving. Basically I worked a total of 5 days during the month of November. That’s not the shocking part, the shocking part was I was able to PAY my bills and have money left over.

That was the light I was looking for, while I was away I was able to still serve my clients and then have an amazing day with my husband without any guilt or feeling DRAINED!

I love this business, because you really didn’t need any prior experience and could make your full or part time income while working your business when and where you wanted to.

There were so many examples of people creating their dream lives.

  • My mentor was able to walk away from a 6 figure sales job where she commuted 1 hour in both directions to finally stay home and drive her last of five kids to and from school while still maintaining her income.
  • A personal trainer on my team has turned her health success into a viable, growing business that has not only freed her and her husband, from the 9-to-5, but helped them pursue even bigger dreams.
  • Imagine being able to buy whatever you wanted whenever you wanted and not say the word “budget”.

I loved that I was able to work with people that I really enjoyed spending time with AND I was supported, my team and the company was all about HOW can I help you! What a refreshing change.

My life was moving into a better direction and I could feel it.

Fast forward to today, I no longer train clients in person. I teach a handful of classes just to get out of the house. I’ve begun to travel when I wanted and NOT stress about how I’m going to pay for it or make up the money before or after my trip.

This year, my goal is to be able to take the month of February off and go live someplace warm.

Over the moon does not describe the way I feel about my life now. I am achieving what I set out to do:

  • I’m my OWN BOSS
  • No overhead or rent
  • I work VIRTUALLY
  • I travel when I want
  • I don’t set an alarm clock
  • I’m home at a decent hour
  • I ‘m no longer EXHAUSTED
  • I  actually make dinner for scratch every night

I’m well on my way to setting up the life that I have dreamed about. I don’t say these things to brag but to let you know that it’s possible to get out from the trading dollars for time racquet. If you are interested to learn about what I am doing, I would love to spend 15 minutes chatting with you. Just shoot me an email to set up a time

To Your Success,



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