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I’m So Fly!!

I was introduced to FlyWheel by my good friend Andi, she is a spin junkie.  So.. when I was heading to NYC for the weekend I was pumped that I got to be able attend a class and I was IMG_1190 hooked. I left class a sweaty mess. A day later my legs were like yes, you challenged it. It felt good. A few weeks after my trip I heard rumors that FlyWheel Boston was opening and would be close to my house! I headed to a class and it was just as amazing as it was in NYC. My class was with Jessica. She was a lot of fun. She keep reminding us to not focus on what we were unable to do but to be grateful about being able to take a cycle class at 9:30am on a Wednesday morning.

One of things I like about Fly Wheel Boston is the scoreboard, now it’s not on all the time which is nice as I would become a little fixated and not really focus on my ride or form, but it’s flashed just enough so you see if you are challenging yourself.  They also will send you and email post class to give you your results. I love that so I can see that while I’m not the best cyclist in the world, I’m on my way. This journey is me vs me and not me vs the class. I will admit in the back o f my mind it would be nice to be at the top of the leader board. Hmm..

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Now I’m not one of those cycle class junkies. I actually really don’t enjoy biking, but I needed to mix things up. FlyWheel Boston is what gives me just that, I’m able to get out of my fitness rut and push myself out of my comfort zone. The times of the classes are at convenient for me and I also like that you can sign up 1 week in advance. I block out my exercise times 1 week in advance and this is perfect. I treat these classes as an appointment I cannot break and in fact, I can’t if I don’t cancel before 5pm the day before my class I lose $$ now that’s an incentive! Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 1.55.06 PM I also like the fact that when I register I can register a friend.


I took a second class this week this week with Melinda.  She was just as motivating and Jessica but she had a humorous edge, which I love. It reminds me not to take myself to seriously when working out.  At the end class we were doing a race and she was encouraging us to break out of our comfort zone and said we should be pedaling so fast that we should be scared that we will pee our Lululemons. Now that’s my kind of humor and yes I did pedal faster and no I didn’t wet my lulus =) If I did pee my Lulus I’m lucky there is a Lululemon in the Prudential Center so I could easily replace.

When you get about 30 min into class you pull out 2 different weight bars and we will do a nice upper body strength training session. Now don’t turn your nose up with you are pulling out 2 pounds and 4 pounds. With the number of reps we do and the static holding.. Boy your upper body feels it.

The bikes have torq and RPM so I like that during class you know where you should be. I LOVE that becasue in the past when I took cycle classes I  never really knew where I should be. With that said, the instructor is reminding that this a range and you should listen to your body.

I almost forgot the best part. They give you cycle shoes. I’ve never in my life worn cycle shoes and I’m still struggling to “clip in” and “clip out” but they made a huge difference in the ride. I had never invested in a pair becasue I was a casual cycler, and really didn’t see the point, well.. now I do… I felt I was able to pedal faster and really climb hills much easier than when I just had on sneakers. They also provide you with self locking lockers — so no need to bring a lock with you. FlyWheel  Boston is so smart there is also a board where you can write you name and locker name in case you forget. I’ll admit I haven’t used this, I play guess the locker game, but I’m sure that will soon wear on my patience. =) There are also nice white fluffy absorbent towels and filter water for the ride of your life.

If you are in the Prudential Center give FlyWheel Boston a try, you will not be disappointed.  My goal is to be there every Monday and Wednesday on my favorite bike which is bike 14. Why bike 14, don’t ask I”m not sure why.




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