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Focus On What’s Important To You

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We make time for and work on the things that are important to us. We can use that concept to our advantage when it comes to courage and self-confidence.

In other words, I want you to start creating these new habits by focusing on what’s important to you. Some would call this your WHY!! It’s much easier to work on courage and increase self-confidence working on stuff you enjoy. It’s time to give up “shouding” on yourself. Now is the time to start with what you’re passionate about. What lights you up, what makes you want to leap out of bed and make happen’

Let’s say that you would like to become a better cook, grow more of your own food, lose some weight, and get back into the gym. That’s a long list of positive changes and it will take some time and effort to build up your courage and confidence to make them all happen. So pack your patience and buckle up and enjoy the ride!

If you’ve listened to me for a while you know that I’m huge on focusing on one thing that you’re passionate about. Choose something that’s fun and important to you. You want to focus on sleeping. You know that when you get a good night sleep you feel unstoppable. Sleeping well keeps you from eating junk, living of caffeine and makes you feel amazing. Don’t overcomplicate. Just start there with one thing and let it build.

Building these new habits will require you to focus your time and effort. The beauty about focusing on one thing, you will quickly get a win. Nothing boosts your confidence like winning. Seeing the results of your efforts come true. You are not regularly sleeping 7-8 hours and night and feel like a new woman, a bad ass!

From there, you can branch out and take on other goals without the fear of losing, the fear of not being able to hit them.

Do you see how focusing on what’s important to you can help motivate you to get started’ While sleeping isn’t particularly difficult, it did take some effort to reprogram yourself to actually hit a bedtime and stick with it. You had to take action and that’s all I’m really asking you to do.

The one thing approach works with almost any goal. Maybe you want a better marriage, become a better parent, go back to school, or save up enough money to get out of debt. Whatever, the key is focusing on just ONE THING!!!!

Set yourself up for success!! Small wins help you to building courage and increasing your self-confidence.

My challenge to you for today is to think about what’s really important to you. Make sure you realize that there’s a big difference between something being urgent and something being important. We often focus on the things that have the tightest deadline, the stuff that needs to get done “right now”. While it may be important, it’s often not the ONE thing that’s will help us to achieve a goal that we are passionate about.

What’s your one thing” Leave me a comment below.


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