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Fun Way To Get Your Water In

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I know drinking water is tough. I recently started using this and it’s really made me help increase my water intake, plus make me feel like I’m at a fancy spa!  Sometimes you need a little flavor to motivate yourself. When I went looking for a new water bottle to help keep water at my side at all times I came across this cool bottle. It’s an “infuser water bottle.”

This bottle has two filters in it so you can add fruit, vegetables, or herbs in the cylinder or in the main bottle without ending up with seeds or pulp coming out when you sip. Even when you load it with fresh strawberries you won’t get a single seed!

Here are a few reasons this bottle is totally worth picking up if you enjoy flavored waters:

  • You can customize your water’s flavors by using anything you want. You can do slices of lemon, fresh blackberries, cucumber slices, mint leaves… anything you could imagine to create your own unique flavored water. Best of all they’re natural and healthy ingredients that won’t add a ton of calories to your drink.
  • You don’t need to change the fruit out for each bottle. Depending on what you use you can keep refilling the water with the same fruit for anywhere from 3-8 times! Just fill it up and let it sit for 5 minutes before drinking. You do need to make sure to change the fruit every 12 hours or so just so it’s still fresh.
  • It’s cheaper than buying bottles of infused water at the store. You can get a cucumber or a piece of fruit and get water for the whole day with it!
  • The bottle is BPA free so you know it’s safe to drink out of. These bottles have been tested by the FDA and approved to be safe.
  • It’s leak-proof and has a clip to hang it on your bag or carry it in your purse without worrying.
  • Need a carbonated drink but want to avoid the sugar in soda’ Use sparkling water instead for a natural fruit soda drink.

Either way you need to have a water bottle by your side, shouldn’t it be one that makes water easier to drink’ The best part is really all the different flavor combinations. Obviously there are the basic standby flavors like strawberries or cucumber with melon but you can also give some unique flavors a try. How about grapefruit and rosemary’ Or cucumber and jalapeno’

Let me know what your favorites’


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