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Get Happy Day 2

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Today is my 2nd day of the get happy challenge.  This week, I am to find 3 things to be happy about each day. At first I thought how simple is that, well not so simple. It really forces you to really think about your day versus just letting life happen around you. As I write this, and I am thinking about my day starting when my alarm clock went out at 5:00am until I got of the bus and started walking home.

My 3 happy things:

  1. I was able to do 5 pull ups PAIN FREE!!! You see, I suffered an elbow injury back in October and its been slow to heal or I’ve just be impatient. Okay I have been impatient! Until today, I haven’t been able to do any pulling exercises since October.  I’m a pretty active person and it been hard not to be able to do anything I wanted.
  2. I was able to provide great advice to a colleague.  She came to me because she trusted and valued you, my opinion.

Day 1 of the challenge


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