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Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

As I train for the Miami half marathon a good friend of mine and an amazing marathon coach, John Furey has told me the secret to running an injury free marathon is cross training and intervals.

I know interval training has been around for awhile and people have been doing them, but are you really getting out of your comfort zone! Really pushing yourself to that 9-10, when you push yourself to the limit. So.. why do we do it.  Interval training helps:

  • boost performance, by making the heart become more efficient at pumping blood
  • helping increasing our tolerance for lactic acid burn
  • we can increase our intensity in a short amount of time without risk of burning out or injury
  • most importantly we BURN MORE FAT!!!!  You read correctly… We burn more fat!!!

So I have know this for years, but have I really pushed myself to the 9-10 zone!!! Honestly speaking I think I have been hanging out in the 7-8 zone. So I have been cheating myself of all of the benefits. Okay let me be honest the benefit I really want is FAT BURNING. Okay I’m training for a half marathon, I’d like to be able to be able to cross the finish line on my own 2 feet and not be dragging ass! So.. interval training will be my friend 2x/week until January 31st.
Now my interval will be a combination of cardio machines and metabolic circuits using only my bodyweight and light weights.  If you have bodyweight circuit that you would like to share tell me about it, just write below in the comments


2 thoughts on “Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone”

  1. you cant turn fat into muscle and exercising 2 hours aint gonna do much which i knew u didnt exercise for 2 hours b/c bodybuilders dont do it for more than hour a day

  2. You are ABSOLUTELY correct. You can’t change muscle into fat and vice versa. The goal of any workout is to not work yourself into exhaustion, but feel as though you worked hard. No working out 2 hours a day ain’t worth it! The average women really on needs 30-40 minutes of cardio and 30-40 min of strength training based on their goals. Thank you so much for your comments.

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