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The Girl Friend Project

For the past few months, I’ve been traveling for work and the holidays. My workout schedule and my eating has been all over the place. Have anyone else had the same experience’ Come on, I can’t be alone with this.  You woke up on January 1st and you had tight clothes. I’ll raise my hand to that one.

Then you made the resolution that you are going to get back on the wagon. You’ll hit the gym, eat healthy and give up booze, sugar, what ever your vices are. You feeling me so far AND THEN here we are ½ way through January and you feel like you are spinning your wheels. You want you to button your pants, you want to take a pic and feel like you don’t need Photoshop or make sure you are on your best side.

I understand you. As I said earlier I had a tough holiday season like most of you and now it’s time to get my milkshake back in order. I’ve a very structured person and without structure I fall off the rails.  I’m ready to get my groove back. Who’s with me’

I have a proposition for you. Let’s get back on track together. Join me for my 30-day Girlfriend Project.

During the Girlfriend Project, you’ll improve your overall health, increase your energy levels and most importantly drop some pounds and inches.  Now I have your interest.

You will go through this program with me. With The Girlfriend Project, you’ll get a:

  • 30 day meal plan – including options for folks who are always on the go
  • 30 day supply of yummy meal replacement shakes*
  • Training videos about nutrition
  • Shopping list lists & recipes that you can personalize towards your tastes
  • 4 week weight training program
  • Weekly functional challenge workouts
  • Incredible support from a private Facebook Group to connect with other participants for ideas and motivation

So.. who’s with me” The program starts Sunday, January 27th   We’ll have a kick off call at 8pm EST. You want in’ Shoot me an email and we’ll take it from there.

*Order the Total Health and Wellness Pak from Isagenix to enhance your results and give you a competitive advantage.

Rules ( I told you I like structure so there have to rules)

  1. Girlfriend project begins Sunday, January 27th and ends February 23rd.
  2. All “before” and “after” photos must show participant holding a newspaper or other publication that shows the current date. Photos submitted without proof of current date will not be considered valid entries.
  3. All “before” and “after” photos must be taken in tightly fitting workout clothes or bathing suit.
  4. “Before” photo must be received by [11:59] PM on Saturday, January 26th. Photos received after this time will not be accepted.
  5. “After” photo must be received by [11:59] PM on Sunday, February 24th. Photos received after the deadline will not be accepted.

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