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Just Give Me Three Steps!!

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The first thing that comes to my mind is that song — Give me three steps, give me threes steps mister, give me three steps towards the door …… Now you can take the three steps toward the door to be positive or negative. I take it to be positive. As the saying goes when one door closes another one opens. My taking 3 steps toward the door is positive.  To move me closer to that other door and the life I want to lead here are the 3 things I must do!

  1. Develop my 90 day — this means getting it out of my head and putting it in writing. This means mapping out what I need to get purge to make room for what I truly want my life to be.
    • Part of my plan will be to become a better and consistent blogger
    • Build a community of women
    • Develop an information product
    • Track and log all the ideas in my head
    • Create a clean eat recipe database
    • Set the ground work to become a fitness speaker
  2. Get clear about my health — right now I’m going through some health challenges and I really to make sure that I make the decisions that will help me long term. Nothing to be worried about they tell me I’ll live a nice long life.
  3. Have a daily plan — I find that when I map out my day the night before I feel focused and productive. They say it takes 21 days to make a new habit. So.. I’m going to give myself 90 days to really burn it in.

So.. what are your three steps. What you do you need to purge to make your dreams come true”

30 day challenge


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