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Everyone is always trying to find the next new diet “thing” “fad” “craze” Now it’s gluten free — until a few short years ago, no one know what “gluten” let alone the its clinical name Celiac disease. Celiac is the bodies inability to process gluten.  Gluten is typically found in rye, wheat and barley.  The disease is hard to diagnose because it masked itself with very common symptoms.

Now more than 2 million people in the US are diagnosed with the disease and by 2010 it’s projected to be a $2 billion business.

Why the big boom, well many folks mistakenly believe that by avoiding food that contains gluten they will lose weight.  Sorry folks, but it’s a marketing ploy.  Removing gluten from your diet won’t help you lose weight. Why …. because remember the “fat free” craze of the early 90’s to make up for the taste manufacturers added more sugar, salt and other ingredients to make it taste better.  Guess what”” They haven’t changed their tricks!

What to learn more about celiac disease, click here.


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