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Go ahead a call me a COUGAR!

On Wednesday, the TV show Cougar Town premieres on ABC. When I first heard about this show and let me take a step back, when I heard the word COUGAR I would get pissed off. I thought because a women is strong and goes for what she wants, why does she have to be a called a cougar. When a man goes for what he wants, he is called DRIVEN, DETERMINED or SUCCESSFUL.

I found a site the helped me change my mind about the term cougar.  A Real Cougar is a woman who is strong, confident, independent, sexy and proud to be past 35.

When I read I said this definition, I embraced and finally came to terms with the word cougar. Taking a look back at myself in my 20s, I remember discovering who I was in terms of my career and the woman I wanted to be living on my own for the first time. Many women work DAMN hard to discover themselves in their own terms. So I ask you ~ why does the term COUGAR have be a bad thing. Go ahead and call me a cougar. I am in the best shape of my life and living my best life with no regrets.


If you know who you are and you are not afraid to show it, embrace your cougar pride!  The Fabulous Fit Squad is all about empowerment and going for it.  So embrace your inner cougar and GO FOR IT!

Let me clarify for a minute, when I say go for it, I’m not saying put on your best push up bra and head to your nearest bar. What I am saying is look in the mirror and ask yourself are you living your best life’ Are you:

  • taking a stand and making things happen
  • thinking age is nothing but a number
  • done listening to other people and finally tuned your inner voice ~ positive talk only please
  • working out and staying healthy and active
  • financially independent or working towards that goal

Don’t be afraid start living your life to its full potential.  In the comments right below tell me how your embracing your inner cougar.


5 thoughts on “Go ahead a call me a COUGAR!”

  1. hey its awesome to know there is other woman that think of themselves as beautiful, strong, sexy and independent..And not the bar fly..that most people think because of being single..Most people would say I look alot younger than I am..its cool until you get hit on by younger men and other women have a problem with that..they say things like… “really”?? “he’s younger than you” ??? lol

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