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Go The F To Sleep

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I used to be one of those that shouted from the rooftops I will sleep when I am dead. I walked around exhausted for years! How many of you ready this now are wired yet tired due to copious amounts of caffeine! Don’t’ get me wrong I love me some coffee and there is nothing wrong with coffee unless you are living off of it as a way to maintain your energy.

Getting enough quality sleep at night is paramount to good fitness. When you are sleeping, your body is recovering, and your muscles are repairing themselves. And if losing weight is part of your fitness plan, you can actually gain weight if you are not getting enough sleep.

The best way to get sleep is to create a bedtime ritual.

Take a look at your ritualistic nighttime behaviors. If you enjoy watching television at night to unwind, make sure you limit your viewing to positive programming in the evening. Don’t read books or watch shows that can trigger a negative response.

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