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Goal Achieved!!!

Kim Barnes Jefferson -- Women's Tri Fitness

Throughout this year, I have been periodically posting about training for the Trifitness competition. Well — I DID IT!!! I just got home off the red eye and had to tell you all about it. 1st let’s recap what the event is all about.

  1. Grace and Physique — you are judged on your body conditioning and grace walking in 5 in heels
  2. Obstacle Course-– only 24 women can do this course in less than 1 minute. My 1st time through, I did it in 88 seconds. The back half of the course is pure SPRINTING, OMG I thought I was going to die. But was so proud of myself of fighting through!!! Can you say mental stamina. Let me paint the picture. It was 106 in Nevada!!! You are hydrating like crazy, so that you don’t have a heat stroke or cramp up due to dehydration.
    • 10 foot Wall
    • Running Grid
    • Incline/Decline Monkey Bars
    • Balance Beam
    • 15 foot Cargo Net
    • Shuttle Run
    • 3 Low Hurdles
    • Steeple chase jump
    • Under and Over Bar
  3. Fitness Skills
    • 50 box jumps onto a 20in box for time (50.47 seconds was my time)
    • bench press 60% of your bodyweight ) (34 reps at 75 pounds)
    • Shuttle run — take 10 bean bags and put them into a riser 10 yards away for time. My time as 42 seconds
  4. Fitness Routine — complete a 2 minute aerobic routine with strength moves

So that’s how I spent my weekend, are you EXHAUSTED as I am just reading it.  Well TriFitness was the most empowering, exciting and amazing weekend I have ever had.  The athletes that participate in this event are so motivating for each other as well as for themselves. This was my very 1st event and they welcomed me with open arms.

I am not an athlete. I am just a girl who likes to go to the gym and workout, but I do have a tendency to fall off the fitness wagon, if I don’t have a goal. So, fitness competitions gives me a fitness goal, something to strive for. TriFitness for me was the ULTIMATE fitness challenge for me, I’m so proud of myself to challenging my body and mental stamina to the limit. So if you are looking for a way to challenge you body, mind and soul, I suggest you look into Tri Fit.

Now it’s time for me to set more goals for the next Tri Fit in November 2009!


4 thoughts on “Goal Achieved!!!”

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    Thanks for posting about this, I would love to read more about this topic.

  2. I’ve done and continue to use at home workout DVD’s. I am a P90X advocate and still enjoy it. The “Insanity” workout is just that, INSANEly difficult. I consider myself in an advanced category (or very close) in cardio workouts, however it took me three weeks to finish any of the workouts for the duration. I found that after 30 minutes I was struggling to muster enough energy to complete the entire workout at the expected pace. What a buzz . It’s the 1st time in my lifeI’ve ever seen the actual participants take breaks during the routine. Unless your ready to workout out to exhaustion, don’t buy this yet. Try P90X and P90X+ workouts. If you can finish those without any breaks or exhaustion then this might work for you!


  3. Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking of doing a summer review on PX90. I’ve heard great things. You are right insanity is INSANE. The participants and even Shaun T himself takes breaks through out it. It definitely leaves you feeling breathless at times.

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