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Welcome Gold Members January 2015

Let’s get started

Program dates — January 12th – June 26th

Please be sure to subscribe to this groups email list.

I will primary answer questions, via Facebook, but there will be times I need to communicate via email and want to make sure I have all in a group. Click here.

Join the Facebook Group.

Here is where I will answer all questions. I will be in this group at least 1x/day. I do this because I’ve found that if you have the question, someone else in the group may have it too. This way we can all learn from each other.  Click here.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How frequently is content published’

    • On the first of each month you will have access to that month’s content. You will also still have access to the previous month’s content.
    • On the first Monday of each month you will have access to the workouts. I find by doing it this way will get a complete 4 week workout without having to break mid week.
  • Is it possible to book calls with you’

    • Yes, you can book calls with me. It’s an additional cost ($75) for a 45 minute phone call. Click here to book your appt.
  • What will the 6 months look like’
  • Jan-Mar — Ignition
    • Mindset
    • Nutrition
    • Goals
    • Getting started
    • Rewards and consequences
    • What does success look like’
  • Mar – May — Lift off
    • Consistency
    • Travel
    • Living life on your own terms
    • Who’s got your back
    • Sleep
    • Healthy recipes
  • May-June-  Fusion
    • Overtraining
    • Fitness technology
    • HITT training
    • Priorities
    • Meditation
    • Time outs

If you have any technical issues,  please shoot an email to squadleader@kimbarnesjefferson.com.


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