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Goodbye Michael Jackson

Thursday, June 25 was a tragic day when the pop icon Michael Jackson died. Honestly, I haven’t thought Michael Jackson in year, but with his death the memories of him come flooding back.  My sister and I dancing on our green shag carpet, yes green shag! Going to Tanya Lopez sleepover party and having to make up a dance to any song off Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall album. My sister and I getting so EXCITED when we got Michael Jackson sparkly socks for Christmas.  Those were some great memories.

With his death stories are still swirling around about the cause of his death and the controversay that surronded him, but no matter no way can take away all the he accomplished.

  • Thriller was number one for 37 weeks
  • Thriller spent 80 weeks at on the top 10 billboard
  • Four albums debuting at number 1
  • Supported charities
  • 3 children
  • Millions of fans

I could go on and on, but no matter how successful Michael he wasn’t content.  Is this you’ Do you have a number of successes or hell even 1 success and  yet still can’t find happiness in them.  Take a moment relish all that you have.  Is it the love of your  family, a smile from your children or accomplishing a goal that you set for yourself. Whatever it is take the time to relish and savor the feeling.

Talk to me, what do you remember about Micheal Jackson’s music or what accomplishment are you going to savor.


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