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9 Ways To Grow Your Self Discipline

  1. Decide that you want it and make the adjustments in your life that help you achieve your goals. It’s so easy to say to yourself, that you don’t haveDiscipline is needed to suceed at your fitness goals time to fit in getting fit or to find healthy recipes. I always challenge my clients to set aside 15 min to workout or to find recipes.   Given that the average American watches at least 4 hours of TV/day. I know you find 15 minutes in our day.
  2. Be consistent! I can’t stress enough the importance of consistency. When you are consistent you will achieve all goals. The key with consistency is not making your workout and/or nutritional program is strict or rigorous that it’s impossible to stand up to.
  3. Remain loyal to your goals and your why. It’s so easy to quit when you aren’t seeing results as quickly as you’d like. I know I sound like a broken record, but this when you look at your goals and recommit. Are they strong enough to get you through the rough spots’ Or do you need to re-evaluate your why. I’ve heard people say your why should make you cry. Not sure if I fully agree with the crying part, but it should be strong enough that when temptations strikes you can have a rational conversation with yourself and stay on the path.
  4. Play detective with your body. Most of us want the immediate program. Me too. For so long I wanted someone to hand me a “magic” diet plan and “magic workout” plan so that I could do for x number of weeks and have the hot bod of my dreams. Sadly it doesn’t work that way. What I’ve found is I need to figure out what worked for me. It took me time and but I finally figured out the right balance of diet and exercise that worked for me life and my waist line =) My Lean & Sexy program is starting up and in this program I teach you to become your own detective.
  5. Focus until …It’s so easy to hop from plan to plan. Take a little of this and a little of that. If you are someone who has done that how has that worked out for you’ You’ve gotten okay results. When I was a fitness competitor my coach told me to listen to one person when it comes to your workouts and nutrition. Everyone will have an opinion, but you need to work with just one person. When you hop from plan to plan you won’t get the results that you seek.
  6. You will be uncomfortable. Typically when we start something new we are excited until it gets hard and then we decide it’s not gonna work and we stop. I know we’ve all heard the saying life begins outside of your comfort zone. During my programs I will push you to try new exercises and to try a new a different way to eat. Many of these are things you may have not done, but they will give you results. Are you willing to get uncomfortable’
  7. Take action. Action gets you into momentum and out of analysis paralysis. You won’t know if something will work until you try it.
  8. What’s your daily activity. I have 3 daily commitments. I eat breakfast every day, I have a big ass salad for lunch and I move at least 30 minutes/day. That’s what keep me consistent with my health and fitness goals. What could you commit to on a daily basis’ It could even be just one!
  9. Do what’s important vs what’s easy. As women it’s really easy to go to the gym and hop on a treadmill or take class. Now what if I challenged you to get out of your comfort zone and head to the weight room or try a new piece of cardio. If you’ve been taking the same class, have you increased the weights you grab’ What’s important is consistently changing your body. Your workouts should change every 4-6 weeks.

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