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Happiness Project Day 3

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Here we are on day 3 of the happiness project. The past few days have me looking for things that make me happy. I guess I always thought it would be big huge things that would make me happy, but since I’ve been looking for things, I find being happy really is in how you look at things. The person on the Dr. Oz show was all about the cup being 1/2 full. Now that I’m looking for happiness I’ve discovered its all in how you look at things. My 3 happy things today.

  1. Seeing Laura B. She was an old client that I haven’t seen in awhile and seeing her just made me smile. Then it got me thinking about the other people in my life that just make me smile and make me feel happy by being around them. Which lead me to think that I am fortunate that I have a number of people who do that for me on a regular basis.
  2. Another fine weather day in Boston. I am a heat person! I love it so BRING IT ON!!! Just hoping that I don’t have to wait to long for another 80 day streak!
  3. A pleasant surprise. A client canceled today and it allowed me to workout earlier than I expected. Which was AWESOME because we all know that the later in the day we workout the excuse monsters start to come out.

So far this has been a good exercise.

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