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Happy Birthday Barbie!

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The controversial icon turns 50!!! Is she still a controversy or have kids of today moved away from her because she’s not compatible with the Wii or PlayStation. As a young kid who didn’t play with Barbies, my sister and I whole closet devoted to the random assortment of Barbie clothes including the corvette, the townhouse and the RV.  I can’t tell you how many variations of Barbie had — scuba barbie, skipper, pj, and course it Ken and his variations. I even I had a Ken doll that you changed his beard, gotta love the 70s.

As an adult I started to hear rumbling of people saying that Barbie gives young girls a warped sense of self.  Really, I don’t remember thinking I was going to have bullet boobs or a size 2 waist.  I just enjoyed all the little adventures that my sister and I as well as all of our friends would come up with for our Barbies.  It was healthy imaginative play. What are your thoughts on Barbie’


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