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Last night before we go to bed, my husband asked was I depressed because I’ve been writing about getting happy and he was worried. I was like no, I just saw this segment on Dr. Oz and wanted to see if I could do the challenge because I thought it was interesting.

Depressed… Hmm don’t know if I ever really get depressed. Wikipedia defines depression as feelings of sadness, helplessness, or hopelessness. Yes I do feel sad, and helpless at times, but those are times that also fire me up. Those times make me take a look inside and say HEY!!! YOU GOT KNOCKED ON YOUR ASS NOW WHAT!! Please note, I do believe depression is a serious issue and if you are feeling depressed you should seek professional help.

Thank you Philip for asking, but I’m not depressed, and after these past few days I realize that  I’m not a Debbie Downer either.

3 things I am happy about today.

  1. My husband made reservations for my birthday dinner at Sorellina in Boston.  (My birthday is tomorrow) They have this kobe meatball dish. OMG!!! I had it in November and I can still taste it. That was sweet that he remembered.
  2. Was able to add balance to my day. Instead of pushing through and working, I decided that I need to take time for myself and got my 30 minutes of cardio in.
  3. Another one about my husband, he went did a look homework to try to come up with a birthday gift for me, by asking my friends what I would like and to search out one of my favorite waiters. I know sounds funny to have a favorite waiter, but this guy is AWESOME. He makes you feel like you are having dinner at his house and he is the host.
  4. Bonus — One of my clients was a SERIOUS YOGI and was convinced that yoga alone would help her reach her fitness goals. I don’t get on my soap box when I hear those things, but hey I do try to persuade that you need a healthy dose of everything. Any who.. she came up to me today and said Kim I got to agree with Yoga is nice, but I’m really feeling like I need to do some sprints on the treadmill and I haven’t felt like this since um… EVER! That made me feel really happy. I was able to turn someone on to exercise. She might be feeling me right now after doing hill sprints, but hey kicking your own ass feels real good sometimes.

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