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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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I’ve had the same valentine for 15 years and when I am asked what we are doing for valentine’s day, I say I don’t believe in it.  Now don’t paint me as the Valentine’s Grinch, but I don’t think Hallmark or anyone else should dictate when you tell someone you love them an appreciate them.

I flash back repeatedly to when my husband, who doesn’t believe in nicknames called me sweetheart! OMG, did I feel like I’m on cloud 9! Did I need a diamond encrusted heart from Kay Jeweler’s to feel that he truly cared about me! No, and when I do look back I still feel bubbly and trust me bubbly is not something I feel.

So ladies, don’t get hung up on valentine’s day.  It’s more important for them to show you signs of love thorough out the year.

Talk me, am I being the anti-romantic’


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