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Happy New Year!

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Here in Boston today is the first day of school for most kids. Every year at this time I feel like its time to reset the clock and refocus on my 2010 goals, with approximately 116 days left until January 1, 2011. I have plenty of time to make major headway.

So I’m going to make the most of this time. Despite the nice weekend, my husband and I decided to stay home and organize our house. We sold our over-sized COMFORTABLE (sob) couch and will now wait a few okay
(8 weeks) to get a new one. Sucks, but the timing was right to sell it. September is a big move in month in Boston and if we waited it may not have gone to a good home. Max and Janna seems like good new owners.   We are also taking our spare bedroom and making it into an exercise/closet. Right now it was just a BIG old mess of crap. Okay — mainly my crap!

So with these 2 projects moving forward, I started reading the book, Throw Out 50 Things, so that I don’t bring more clutter back into my life. By purging this week I feel so free, and I want to keep this feeling. Amazon gave it great reviews, so I’ll keep you posted if its as good as they the reviewers say.

How about about you can purge your clutter’ Tell me in the comments listed below.


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