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I Hate Cardio

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Now if my Mom were looking over my shoulder she would tell me that hate is a strong word. Well I really do. When I was competing I would do 60 minutes of cardio. It would mentally kill me. I would hope on different machines every 10 minutes, I’d watch TV, listen to audio books, you name it I did it to make the time go by.

Then I started to get smarter about my cardio. The goal of cardio is to get your heart rate up. Did I have to do it by slogging away on a piece of equipment no….

If you are someone who hates cardio like I do here are some alternatives that I have come up with.

Get a gym boss timer — you can purchase one or get the app for your phone.

3 rounds

30 seconds kettlebell swings

30 second jump rope

Minimal rest between swings and jump rope.

Rest 1 mn after the circuit.

3 rounds

row 500 meters

20 box jumpsĀ  (or up and down as fast as you can

1 min jump rope

Rest 1 min after the circuit

3 rounds

20 mountain climbers

20 jump jacks

20 squat jumps

1 min rest

Give all of these a try and let me know what you think.


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