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I Hate Summer Weight Loss And So Should You!

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When I was a kid my Mom always told me that hate was a strong word and I should never hate anything. For most part I’ve come to learn that my Mom is right on most things (if she ever asks me I will deny it 😉)
I really do hate when someone tells me that they need to “get in shape” for x, y or z or summer ‘s coming I better get in shape. Then they workout like a fiend for a few weeks hit their goals and then what, go back  their old habits to start the hamster wheel all over again.
Sound familiar” Is this a pattern that you want break” I know I did.
I hated starving myself and then go on vacation living it up only to come home feeling like shit that I “blew it”!
If this sounds like you, keep reading!!!
I’m here to help you move from reality to your dream. Motivating people to get healthy, however, is what I do best.  But you have to let me help you!  We are a partnership! Let’s get started.

A quick look back   

We are going to focus mainly on what is ahead for you; the past is the past and it is best to leave it there.  Close that door and put a lock on that shit!!  Let’s take a look at what may have stopped you in your tracks in the past.
  • Impatience We live in a society that is used to instant gratification, and we’ve grown to expect EVERYTHING to come to us in a nano second. When it doesn’t come the fast it’s a shock for many. Yes, I’ve seen the same infomercials that you watch that promise you a 6 pack in 6 weeks, Sorry my friend, it’s not going to happen. Repeat after me, there is no shortcut to fitness.  If you grew frustrated in the past because results didn’t happen as fast as you would like, prepare yourself now for a different attitude:  we will celebrate small results and you will be patient as your transformation happens.
  • Lack of planning. The biggest sabotage in any fitness plan is lack of planning.  I”ll be the first to admit that planning sucks, BUT as a former winger I’ll tell that once I started to plan things got much better and my results started to come. Without forethought, you can’t eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep each night and stick with an exercise routine.  Starting NOW, you will plan before you start.
  • Support.  If you have attempted to get fit with little to no support, you are not alone.  Many people try to change their lifestyle on their own.  The trouble with this approach is that those around you will probably not value what you are doing.  They will unintentionally or intentionally sabotage your efforts. They may resent the time you take to workout, or make you feel uncomfortable about what you are eating. They may even tempt you with these awesome words – “just this one time” or “only have one bite”  This time, I got your back!!!  Trust me the difference will shock you.

Forward from here

Today you start fresh and leave the past behind.  Sure you may have quit during your previous attempts to be healthy.  Like I’ve said before, put that shit in the rear view. What matters is what you do today, tomorrow and next week.  Onward and upward!!!
This time will be different! You are a going to make a strong start out of the gate!.  We all have to start somewhere!! Don’t let your vision for where you want to be cloud your vision for where you are going.  
You are tapping into some serious patience and courage. Patience is tough, I know first hand. I have the patience of a gnat.

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