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Healthy Eating While Shopping

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So, you sat out Black Friday.  Who could blame you. What’s up with Kohl’s opening at 4am! Honestly what could you possibly need at 4am!! Okay back to the story.

You are heading out looking for just the perfect gift, so here are some strategies to shop all day without blowing your diet!

  1. Start with a healthy breakfast — be sure to include some protein to help keep you satiated, sorry yogurt is not a good source of protein, Greek yogurt is a better choice or cottage cheese.  Also try to have a whole grain cereal, oatmeal or muesli.
  2. Stay hydrated! — sometimes thirst is masked as hunger.  So make sure you bring you own water, sorry diet soda, Starbucks, or teas don’t cut it.
  3. Lunch time choices — when it comes time for lunch choice, lean meats such as grilled chicken without any sauces or cheese, green salads, non fried foods.  At the mall your best choices are Au Bon Pain, Subway or any place where you can control how your food is prepared.
  4. Bring healthy snacks — bring along some nuts (no more than 1oz), fruit and a protein shake so that you are tempted to swing by and grab a cookie or 2.

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