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10 Ways To Have A Healthy Holiday

Why is that during the holidays we make all sorts of excuses not to follow our diets and keep up with our workouts. I say — Why put off till tomorrow what you can do today!!!  Did you know that it takes 3500 extra calories to add one 1 pound’ So.. during the holidays the average person gains 3-5 pounds because they are eating an extra calories and not moving enough.  How do you stop it’ Here are 10 ways to stop the holiday bulge.

  1. Watch your portion size. During this time of year it seems as though there is always food and drink around. We all seem to use this time of year as an excuse to eat and drink what we want! But all those little treats add up especially you aren’t exercising. Fill your plate with 50% veggies and lean cuts of protein. Before you attend a party have something to eat, don’t go on an empty stomach.
  2. Exercise. You may not have time for your regular exercise, but just 20 minutes/day everyone can do that. This is something you can do in your home. I have a fun little program that can be done anywhere without any equipment shoot me an email and I’ll send  it over to you.
  3. Watch your alcohol intake. Your body doesn’t process alcohol, so it send it to your liver and then you liver converts it to fat until it can figure out how to use it. So when you work out, the alcohol is what gets burned first before you burn anything else, so your workout is all about getting rid of the alcohol vs any other fat. So.. when you drink you don’t make any forward progress in your weight loss. If  you choose to drink do so in moderation, have one alcoholic beverage followed by a glass of water.
  4. Pick your battles. Take a look at your holiday calendar and know where you would like to treat yourself. Now with that said — every occasion doesn’t mean wear your elastic pants. I’m saying you choose to have a few cocktails, a desert or a really good entree. Notice how I didn’t say ALL of the above’ For example, good friends of mine have a Christmas party and that’s the party that I will use my holiday treat on. I will also use it on Christmas day for a little macaroni and cheese YUMMY!. How will you pick your battles’
  5. Send them home with a doggie bag. Are you entertaining this season’ Stock up on ziplock bags and send your holiday guests home with a few holiday treats. We all know that some foods taste better the next day, why should you enjoy all the good food the second time around’ Share the wealth and the calories =)
  6. Don’t fret! Now this isn’t an excuse for jackass behavior on a regular basis, but if you do have a day where you overindulge. Don’t beat yourself up and say your diet is ruin, dust yourself off and hop back on the horse. Make sure you take stock of how you got off track so you can see the warning signs the next time.
  7. Offer to bring something. I do this all the time. I go to a party at someone’s house that I’m not sure if they’ll have many healthy options, so I offer to bring something.  This way I know that whatever I bring I can eat without falling off my diet. Most people won’t refuse the offer.
  8. Traveling to Grandma’s’ Traveling can throw a kink into healthy eating, here are some ideas that can survive plane, train, an automobile travel.
    • Fruit — apples, pears and citrus travel quite well
    • Tuna — the Starkist tuna steaks are AWESOME and they will get through security. These are always my go to when I travel.
    • Protein powder — put your favorite powder in your shaker bottle and purchase some water post security or while on the plane.
    • Pre-make protein and freeze it. It will stay fresh as it thaws  — chicken is best this way. You can decide what type of protein you can eat cold.  Have other ideas’ Leave me a comment below.
    • Nuts — great source of protein and will stay fresh. CAREFUL they are very calorically dense so don’t go too crazy.
  9. Don’t skip meals. When you skip meals on the day of a party, you aren’t saving calories. You are setting yourself up to eat MORE!!!! So eat all your normal meals that day.
  10. Just have a bite. Each of us will attend an event where someone has a signature dish! This dish may not exactly be on your nutrition plan, BUT you can’t be rude. So.. I suggest you just take a bite. This way you can decide is that truly as good as everyone says and its worth the calories or if its just okay. At least you were polite.

Here are a few strategies that have helped me over the years, if you have any others, I’d love to hear them, just leave me some comments below.


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  1. When I am on holiday I follow only one rule. Come what may I get my ass off the bed at six in the morning,earlier if necessary,to do an hour of running. Come what may!

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