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Healthy Jumpstart Pak

This package safely supports weight loss and overall health by removing impurities and replenishing your body with ultimate nutrition.

  • Essentials for optimal health and weight loss.
  • Great starter pak

The package includes:

  • Workout At Plan — can be done at home or gym
  • 30 day menu
  • grocery list
  • measurements
  • one one one goal setting appointment
  • private Facebook page
  • daily email messages
  • unlimited email access
  • accountability and support
I just finished my first 30 day with Isagenix. The program itself I’m in love with. I’m very happy to say that:
  1. haven’t touched caffeine in 30 days, and what’s better I haven’t wanted it!
  2. My energy levels are definitely improved and I’m more productive during the day.
  3. That is the first program that I have stuck with for it’s entirety, no cheat days!
Weight Lost- 17.5lbs
Body fat %: -1.8%
Total Inches lost- 22
Arms: -1.5 total
Chest: -3.5
Waist: -4.5
Butt/Hips: -2.5
Thighs: -5.5 total
Calf: -2.5 total
And this one still gets me… 1.5 inches off of my neck’! I guess it makes sense, but I never thought of my body storing fat there…
Starting another 30 days today and can’t wait to continue with this amazing program 🙂  — Samantha K.

Kim, I’m ready to take action. Complete this form and you are 95% of the way there.

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Once your form is submitted I will give you a call to answer any questions you may have and complete the transaction.

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Price does not include annual membership fee $29.00, shipping and tax. 30 day money back guarantee.
Price does not include annual membership fee $29.00, shipping and tax. 30 day money back guarantee.
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