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Want a healthy life you gotta take action!

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Imagine if you set out to accomplish one action each day. You get to decide that each and everyday.

You DECIDE which action to take.

The key is to plan it at least one day in advance.If the actions you take had the potential to help you earn more money, lose weight, build stronger relationships or just help you to feel better about yourself.

Imagine how that could change your life.

You see it’s possible to do just that. You take your daily actions and apply it to your goals.

Here is where you come up with a set of actions that you want to accomplish. Each night brainstorm about the actions you’ll take the next day.

Instead of doing this daily, you could also plan your actions weekly.

I like to take a look at my goals every month and make a big plan and then break it down weekly.

For me this is how I continue to take committed to taking action. Committed daily action is the most important aspect.

To get where you want to go setting up a system of taking daily actions, will begin to become second nature over time. In the beginning it will feel a little weird and awkward, you may miss a day or two. Just try to get back to taking actions the next day.

You could also set up themes for particular weeks. For instance, suppose you are trying to eat more veggies. You could set aside the first day to find recipes. The next day can be dedicated to prepping the veggies.  You could do this for a full month if you think you need that much time.

You don’t have to take major actions all the time. It could be something simple, like trying a new class at the gym, drinking one more glass of water or setting a bedtime. The awesome thing about this method is you get to decide what actions to take.

You may argue that this is simply goal setting with tasks and you would be partially correct in thinking that. However, this is more simplistic as helps you to devise a day-to-day action plan.

The key is not to get too hung up on the details. By simplifying it down to daily actions, you will accomplish what you desire.

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