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You Have A Healthy Person Inside Of You

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We all have a dream. A dream of a better body, a better or different life, a dream job, dream partner, dream family, you feel me. Just as we all dream we all question whether we have what it takes to get what you have been desiring and dreaming of.

Then we hear that voice of doubt that springs up and tells us that we can’t do it or we are worthy of achieving that goal.

It’s our ego, our ego wants us to stay stuck! This is when you need to dig deep and tap into your fears and find the courage to overcome be doing things differently. Be comfortable being a beginner and learn to roll with the ups and downs of trying anything new.

On Tuesday, October 10th, I talked about how to deal with adversity, how to start feel comfortable and confident doing new things and learn how to be willing to go on the journey and stay when things get tough. Replay Show Notes



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