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Just Finished My Thanksgiving Menu

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This year my husband and I are cooking Thanksgiving for his family. As I perpetual planner, I needed to get the menu all straight in my head. This is the only way that I can relax and ease into the holiday.  I spent the weekend scouring my cookbooks and old Cooking Light magazines and this is what I’ve come up with.

We are going to deep fry a turkey, I know I said FRIED. Well surprisingly deep fried turkey has only 25 more calories in 3.5 ounces than traditional roasted turkey and only 4 more grams of fat. Instead on focusing on those small caloric difference, I focusing on how much it’s going to free up my oven and not make my house feel like a sauna. 

My side dishes will be:

  • Wild rice with pecans and cranberries
  • Green beans with balsamic vinegar
  • Mac and cheese — no bread crumbs please
  • Sweet potatoes — come on its Thanksgiving — no marshmallow toppings

My mother in law is in charge of salad and my sister in law will bring desert. I’m teaching a Turkey Day Bootcamp so that will help burn off some calories.

What’s your plan for Thanksgiving, I would love to hear what you plan on having.


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