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Here’s What To Do To Build Confidence, Faith and Belief

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Rachel Luna is the women that gave me the push and inspiration to start this podcast. I had been thinking and talking about it for YEARS but just couldn’t get out of my own way. And she is the person who helped me to get out of my own way. I’ve been listening to her podcast for YEARS and I’m so honored to have her on mine!


If you don’t know who Rachel is, you need to pause and go look her up on Instagram @girlconfident right now & start following her. Because she is that amazing!

Rachel Luna is a highly sought-after international speaker, and was named by Forbes as one of The 11 Most Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs To Follow On Instagram.

Rachel teaches you how to completely transform your life and manifest your desires in just 5 min per day through her Faith Activated Journaling Experience program. https://www.myfaithactivated.com/ Often referred to by clients as their “secret weapon,” Rachel has a reputation for inspiring confident action and helping her clients double, triple and quadruple their income.

One of the reasons I love Rachel so much is because she creates this safe space within her clients and within her social media presence. It’s the space that says it’s okay to have a big dream or dream bigger!

‘People talk about believing bigger, dreaming bigger, having a bigger vision. But what are the practical steps to executing and living bigger” -Rachel Luna

But when we talk about people dreaming bigger, that is not a dig at all so don’t think of it like that. We need those people. We love those people. Allow yourself to dream. So’. Now that you have this bigger dream’ NOW WHAT’

What is the first step’ That is the better question to ask then how do I achieve this big dream.. When you ask how, it’s too big and there are too many ways you can do it. Too many unknown variables’ But when you ask WHAT, you can identify it in the way that you need to.

Then you need to make sure that you give yourself time. Dreams are not going to happen overnight. There is a space between you expressing your dreams and you reaching them. Consistency and time are the 2 things most people don’t want to give themselves, but they are the most important things to remember when trying to achieve something! Most people are afraid of not having enough time, wasting time, losing time, mis-managing time. Then with the consistency piece, ‘What if I’m consistent but not get the results anyways..’

But what a lot of people do not know is that Consistency and Time requires FAITH. And we all lose faith, it’s a natural part of being human.. But how do you get back into our faith and the rhythm of what we want’ How do I keep my faith’

And you have to recognize that faith is not something to KEEP, but something to BE’.
Be In Faith. Embody It.

So.. For example, you feel like the faith is gone. Or you have lost all faith’ BUT, Faith is the belief in what we do not see. We don’t lose it unless we stop believing in the thing we do not see. When they say they lost their faith, what has happened is they have lost their hope. To lose your faith, you have to stop believing completely’ Do I still believe in the possibility’ In the thing I have not seen’ Do you believe, but just think it won’t happen, that is a lack and loss of hope. Hope and faith frequently tend to get confused!

HOPE is so amazing because it is the thing that gets us out of the dark hole. Hope is the rope that pulls you out of the hole. Faith is the belief that if I hold onto this hope, I am going to be pulled out of this hole.

So’ We have hope, so how do we get back into a place of faith’ Come back to, what do I believe about this, what am I making it mean about me’ So take a look at that dream or goal you have set for yourself.

Do I have the faith in myself to be consistent’

I hope I am.

‘But I don’t believe I can be consistent because all the evidence in my life stacks up to the fact that I am not a consistent person. And when I am I fall off the wagon. So, what does being consistent mean to me”

This is how you dismantle the limiting beliefs and negative automatic thoughts and harmful storylines. Because if you believe that a consistent person never slacks off, or if your belief is that a consistent person never misses a day’ WELLL’ then you’re kind of living up to some pretty, almost impossible to fill expectations.

People skip days and take breaks. It is ok and it is not a reason to fall off the wagon. Maybe you had to make a shift because of one thing or another’ But whatever that shift may be, make sure that you are still doing something supportive for that dream and for that goal. Just because you take a break or take some days off, does not give you the reason to lose hope and confidence.

It’s ok to change course if you have to. At some point there may be a reason you have to shift and get off course. It’s not a sign, it’s the wrong course’ It’s a sign that you need to do something different right now. May not even be a sign, may be an opportunity because, ‘Sometimes God will throw a wrench in those plans to see if you really want those plans’. But when that happens, keep pushing through, because you will get to that same end result, it will just be through a different way.

One of the reasons I love what Rachel does is because she helps people reach their goals and dreams through journaling. And for you magic makers who have been around here a while, you know that I journal every single day! So she actually teaches people how to completely transform your life and manifest your desires in just 5 min per day through her Faith Activated Journaling Experience program.

The program is so great and amazing! In Faith Activated journaling program it asks you a question every single day that you may think you wouldn’t ask yourself. You may have a great journal practice right now, but the quality of the question is a bit lackluster. You also could have a good journal habit, but the practice needs a tune up. And Faith Activated helps with that as well as the community and hanging out with Rachel in that community. It brings you deeper into your journaling. It brings you deeper into an understanding of your goals and dreams and things you need to do to get closer to them.

If you want to take this a step further and see Rachel in person and love her spirit, then you will have to check out her next Event in October! It is called the Confidence Activated Event and magic makers, I got to a lot of events, but this one is so amazing. Rachel really makes sure that everyone there feels welcome and a part of the community that she is creating there. It is open and inviting, and the speakers are wonderful and there are takeaways from the entire event!!! THERE IS something there for you if you want to take the next step in your life even if you didn’t know where to take it!

This year it will be held October 15th -17th, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia, right at the Whitley Hotel!! And again, it is such an amazing event so definitely look into it!

I love listening to Rachel speak’. And I know that you will too! She says things from a place of love, and I will always be thankful that she brings that into the world. She can truly help you transform your life and manifest your desires and I know that you will just love her and take the things she says to heart so that you can start implementing them as soon as possible!

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Faith Activated Journaling https://www.myfaithactivated.com/


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