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Hey You Drop The Pink Dumbbells!

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I teach a number of group fitness classes that require 2 sets of weight. (1) heavy for your lower body and (1) lighter weight for your upper body. It never ceases to amaze me how many women under estimate their strength or better yet think that lifting heavy will cause them to BULK UP so they grab 3 pound dumbbells. Seriously ladies if I were to take your backpacks, laptop bags or purses and put it on a scale it would weigh more than 3 pounds.  In fact the average women’s purse weighs about the same as a sack of sugar. PS> Sugar comes in 5 pound sacks.

So the next time you reach for the 3 pound weight think about this: If you don’t have a regular strength training program in your 20s, you will lose appx 5 pounds of muscle every decade! That means that by the time you are 70 you will bearly be able to lift a sack of groceries, a gallon of milk or even your grandkids.

So come ladies reach for the big weights the benefits of strength training are amazing, sides would having Madonna arms really be that bad’ PS … She didn’t get them from just doing yoga.


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