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What Hidden Fears Are Holding You Back

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Over the last few months, I’ve felt this urge to move forward – to do something to change my life – but my fears have been keeping me firmly stuck in my comfort zone. I want success so bad!!!

I crave it. Then my ego pipes up and says hey wouldn’t life be so much easier if just stayed where you are. My subconscious is trying to keep me safe, new things are unknown and I may get hurt and my ego wants me to stay safe.

Lean in a let me tell you a little secret, there will always obstacles when you try to make a forward. Some of the obstacles are pretty easy to figure out. Others may not be as obvious to us.

When fear strikes it really easy to come up with excuses – anything really, so that you don’t have to face the facts and admit that it’s actually fear that’s holding you back.

Most of us have the same common fears. The main fear that keeps people stuck including me is feeling like you don’t have time to reach for your dreams, life changes, success or whatever it is that you want. Any feel like this. We have two reactions when this happens we shrink and tell ourselves it was not worth it OR we stress out about how to force it to happen.

I’m Too Busy

You may be taking the “motions” but it’s really it’s a smokescreen for staying in place. You could be going to the gym, posting it on Facebook and then having a glass or two of wine very night or half some halo top every night. Telling yourself that studies have shown that red wine is good for you and it’s protein ice cream so it’s protein right!!

Everyone can find time to take a few small steps toward a dream. Changing these habits doesn’t have to happen overnight, it can be start with every other day and slowly pull it out if cold turkey is to much for you.

Have you told yourself that you are “too busy” to get started, yeah me too!! It’s just a matter of prioritizing where you do spend your time. This excuse is often also feeling that you’re so busy, you just can’t add one more thing to your plate.

Raise your hand; shake your head if you’ve said this. “I don’t know enough”. My favorite quote by Arthur Ashe, to achieve great things you must start where you are, use what you have and do what you can. The key here is to know where you want to go and even if you only know the 1st step you are going to take. Guess what you know enough! Fear can make us feel like we need to read every book under the sun, watch every Facebook live and then listen to every guru that has ever spoken on this topic. NOPE – fall back to the Arthur Ashe quote focus where you are and the next piece.

It’s Not The Right Time

AHHH, it’s not the right time!! Guess what it will never be the right time; there will always be something. If you wait for the right time, you’ll never make a move. I got news for you no one ever manages to find the right time. Let me in on a little secret, all you have is the time you’re currently in. The best time to move forward is the time you have.

My Friends and Family Aren’t Supportive

“I’d really like to go for it, but my friends, family or spouse thinks it’s a bad idea. They like me the way I am.” This excuse is used to justify holding back out of fear of failure. It’s easier to pass the buck and make it someone else fault for use not going for our dreams.

I Haven’t Found The Right Thing!

The right healthy living program isn’t going to drop on your lap and wiggle. You need to actively seek with you are looking for. There is no “right plan” just like there no right job or romantic partner. To get to the right plan takes a little work. You may need to kiss a few frogs; maybe you need to take a little from each plan you work to find something that will work for you!

Living healthy is just like any opportunity they don’t always jump out at you when you’re not taking action.

I Don’t Know If I Can

This is the fear of certainty. This excuse hides the fear that everything won’t work out. Guess what, not everything works out all of the time. If it did, this would be a perfect world.

If we don’t move forward toward our dreams, you will never know if yours could have worked out. Is the fear of time, money, lack of experience, skills, lack of support, network or any other of the hundreds of excuses people use be the reason that your dream dies before it gets a chance to be realized.

Are you ready to move forward”

One of the biggest fears I hear all the time is summer. Summer for some reason brings up fears that you are unable have fun while maintaining your healthy lifestyle. I’m hear to tell you that it’s possible to keep your waistline on track AND have fun!!  Grab your guilt free summer guide, where I help you map out a fun summer without being the girl carrying a bottle of water and a bag of baby carrots.


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