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What’s It Like To Hit Your Fitness Bottom’

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When you decide to get into shape, most of us have that rock bottom moment and say to ourselves, this must change. I can’t handle this anymore. I want to look in the mirror and love what I see. I don’t want to hide from cameras. Maybe you’ve been thinking about making this change for a while but didn’t want to go it alone or maybe you didn’t know where to start. Maybe you’ve started and then stopped because you got frustrated or you weren’t seeing changes as fast as you wanted.

Here is where you pull up your big girl panties and say I’m tired of being a victim of my past and letting that determine how I feel about myself. I’m ready to tackle my future.

Here is where a coach can help. A coach helps through the ups and downs, they also help you brainstorm new ways to handling situations when you get stuck. Now intensify that with a group. A group of women who are trying to achieve the same goal, who get where you are and where you want to be.

Together you are an unbreakable army of women who say I will not be stopped.

Enter Lean and Sexy!!

This is the just-right toolkit you can pull from in any situation. You have weight and fitness goals and this is the solution that fits into your life and is sustainable! Right here is where you face your fears headfirst. I know it’s scary, but Lean & Sexy will help you to get over your fears, conquer anxiety, and replenish your motivation.

During this program, I will share with you what I’ve learned over the years. In the past, you’ve been a follower. What if, instead of following, you learn the HOW and WHY behind nutrition and training’ My goal is to make you an expert on your body. I want to teach you that it’s not just about developing a plan. It’s also about finding what works for YOU, your life, and different situations that may approach you.

Now the rubber meets the road you need to make a decision that the time is now! During this program, you will be supported. You will be part of an unbreakable army of women who are, together, ready to toss their hat in the ring and say, ready to change for good! I am willing to not only commit to consistent action, but also to persistent action. My battle cry is, will not be stopped! My mantra for lifelong success, am going to fall back in love with myself. Are you willing to part with old habits in order to get what you want’ Take a moment. Think. Are you willing to sacrifice one hour of television to work out or prep your food’ Are you willing to have an open mind and try something that is out of your comfort zone’ Are you willing to move beyond an old habit to move toward your goal’

You will be part of a team with the same goals: helping you move from fear, uncertainty, doubt, and negativity to a place of strength, courage, positivity, and joy.

You will learn how to:

  • Stick to a plan
  • Go from wired and tired to energized from the inside out
  • Receive maximum nutrition anytime, anywhere
  • Highlight what you can do vs. what you can’t do
  • Love life to the fullest and start living beyond your expectations
  • Bring your absolute best to any situation and see recognition for it
  • Take your excuses off the table, permanently
  • Turn your should haves into a must-do
  • Move from doubt to strength watch out!
  • Fuel your body to the ultimate performance muscles and mind
  • Focus on what’s going right and share your successes

Are you ready to get Lean & Sexy”


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