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Hi, I’m Kim, a Lifestyle Interventionist.

I’m Kim Barnes Jefferson, founder of the Flip Flop Life. I am a women from Boston, and while I might look like Health and Fitness Coach, I do so much more. I actually help women over 40 feel fit, comfortable and confident in their bodies.

I have been told that I have a way of telling it like it is with love and practical advice. I have also been called tough talking — salty talk 😜 I like to think I am a little bit of both (aren’t we all’).

I like to live in a world where all women feel comfortable and free in their bodies. Hanging around with me can cause some serious side effects like getting you to believe in yourself 🥰

Ready to rock your best life”

I believe that anything is possible. There is a fit person inside each and everyone of us. Are you are ready to fall back in love with your body and your life.