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I need To Focus On These 5 Things To Change My Body

So many women come to me and say, “I am just not seeing any changes in my body, and I don’t know what to do!” If you feel this… Here are 5 things I want you to focus on! I bring up summer because many of you press the pause button over the summer. You are traveling and doing all the things, and I get that! I get the pause! You are facing the challenge of staying consistent.  And it is okay that your summer looks completely different than the other 9 months of the year! 
I have done multiple podcasts on how to focus on 90-day sprints and in my life, I can take a look at those next 90 days out and have a good idea as to what is happening the month I am in, the next month, and the month after that. But if I was to look at 6 months out, that is just too far out for me!  This took me a long time to learn! And a lot of people listening to me grew up in that same diet culture, under-eating, how low can you go, low carbs, and low calories.  
You cannot change your body if you are constantly underfeeding it. If I am building a house, I would need to have materials, I can’t stand in my house and say, “Oh, I am going to build on this land, and expect magic to build around me.” I need lumber, cement, etc.  For many of you, you are not giving our bodies what it needs. You are not giving our bodies the lumber and building materials that it needs!
You have to be honest with yourself!  Many of you chase fat loss for years and see no changes in your body.  Have you fully considered that you may not eating enough and you need to eat more good food!  There is a way to “clean bulk”. Adding in quality vegetables, quality protein, adding in just enough carbs, eating fruits, and fueling our bodies.
For many of you, you need to learn to navigate your hunger.  
You are queued into this is how you eat.  But you have to ask yourself, do you feel satisfied? Do I find myself on weekends or holidays coming home and just wanting wine, cheese and crackers, and chips? Do I find myself craving those, if I am not being as consistent as I think I am?  A lot of you don’t think about the little things we put in our mouths.  What I am asking is, if you are really looking at it, over a 7-day period, how consistent are you being? 
For many women, if I say track your food, they are saying it’s so hard!  I am not asking you to track your food for the rest of your life.  But if you are saying I am eating fabulously, I want to know what you are putting in your mouth. You don’t know this if you aren’t writing down what you are eating. Everything you put into your mouth, write it down! 
Navigate what our hunger is!
Some of you can be stuffed or satisfied and some of you do not know the middle ground!
You are either pulling out your pants, it was such a good meal, or I am hungry, and I can eat more! Instead of totally removing certain things or bingeing on them, budget for treat meals, especially in the summer! 
Spontaneity – you want to be this person, but you had planned something specific for dinner and now have to pivot to go out to eat.  It’s okay to have that pivot.  You don’t have to get the greasiest thing on the menu.  Most places can get you a salad and a protein! Use your fun budget for these instances.  I don’t want you to feel like having social anxieties about shifting plans. I was this way; I couldn’t just go to any restaurant.  Without wondering… What would I eat? Working out another day?  That mental energy was insane. So set aside this fun budget so if something shifts in the week you can be flexible. 
It’s never just one thing!
If there was one thing out of this whole conversation that I would love for you to take away is that it is never just ONE thing and it is never just ONE meal! So, what is the one thing we should be doing?  Having a plan! That is the one thing you should be doing!
Have a plan and see it through. Make a decision and make it work.  But so many women think it’s one superfood, it’s having 1 bad day or week or month.  Because you think it’s just one thing, you don’t think it’s a series of events.  But slowly things have been changing and happening like a snowstorm, the snow is slowly piling up. 
Find your flow!
What most people haven’t found is their flow.  Some call it maintenance, I call it flow. With flow, you are not thinking. You are not thinking about your food or your workout.  And this comes from being consistent with nailing your basics.  Nailing your basics doesn’t take overnight.  You have to start small and come up with small things you can really nail.  Those are my non-negotiables. Focus on 3 or 4 things, not a laundry list. 
That way you have data, not drama. You are doing these things over and over again and when I do them, I am honoring my health.  
And the scale is not your data it is your drama! You are not going to go back and look like we did at 30 or in our 20s.  The best you can hope for is 5-10 years ago! I don’t want you to chase the ghost of Christmas past. What is reasonable? Use your clothing to see if your body is changing!
5 things I always ask my clients to use as their data:
1.Tell me what your 3 things are and how consistent you were with them.
2.Were you hungry? How are your cravings?
3.How is your energy? 
4.How is your stress level?
5.Are you sleeping?
What stage of life are you in and know it is a stage.  Take away the emotion and just use data.  When you use the data, you can be more logical.  When I go off drama and emotions, I think I need to go off the extremes and we know how long those last.  When you have these data points, I am better able to work through things. 
No self-control.
A lot of people will say, I have no control, no control over food.  I am powerless around X. I tried to distract myself from the dessert table, but this just happened.  I am sorry but NO, it just doesn’t happen. YOu made a conscious choice that you were going to have whatever it is you were gonna have.  If you do OWN IT! Own your shit! And if you have it, say okay, is there a course correction? Course correction, if I have a glass of wine do I have to have the whole bottle? No! If you have the cake oh well! You can’t burn it off that night instead, just take it out of your fun budget.  How do I move forward? What is the next meal and what is the next step?
Weekends away/trip.
I am going to the store this Friday. What are things I can pre-buy the week ahead for me to have when I go away so that when I return, we have something to eat? Can I pre-cook some things to have? Can I pre-cook freezer meals to get me through a couple of days once I get home from the weekend?  Because I don’t know about you, but when you go away for the weekend, the last thing you want to do is go to the grocery store the night you get home. So, prep something beforehand so that then you have dinner for the following night and feel a little sane!  You can also grab a meal kit from a meal kit company and have that in the fridge for when you get home.  Or utilize a grocery delivery service and have those groceries brought to you when you return home! What can you do this week to set yourself up for success for next week?
Fun budget.
So many of us are afraid to have this fun budget!  In life, you are not afraid to budget your money, right? So why not budget your food!? Have this budget so you have this amount of calories and you have it here and then you don’t feel like you’re blowing it. 
I don’t believe in cheat days.  I don’t want you denying yourself treats. Just add it to that budget!
You can’t outrun a bad diet!
You can’t outrun overeating.  I was an overeater of healthy food!  I wasn’t mainlining Popeyes.  It was just too much for the movement I was doing at the time.  A lot of us grew up in the diet culture of 5 meals a day.  But look around and say WHERE is the research on this??  You aren’t going to die if you let yourself be hungry!  More isn’t more!
Nail the basics. 
If you are not nailing the basics when it comes to math, how can you do advanced math? If you cannot add, subtract, divide, etc. how can I do the hard stuff? You need to learn the basics first.  And those basics are strength training, water, sleep, and stress management.  Do this before we get into advanced math!!
Strength Training.
I love walking! I will NEVER take walking away from anyone.  However, if you only have a short amount of time, prioritize strength training.  Especially women over 40 – we are losing our muscle and it’s a natural part of aging. 
If you want to have longer, vibrant lives in our 50s, 60s, and beyond, strength training. It allows us to do basic shit!  If we don’t have muscles in our bodies, you cannot do this stuff.  Things may be challenging as you age if you don’t have the muscle that you need.  And I’m not asking you to do 90-minute bodybuilding sessions.  I’m saying hey, find something you can easily do! In my Fit Girl Magic Society. I always make workouts you can do at home with dumbbells, etc, or at a full-scale gym so you can get that strength training in no matter where you are! At Least 2-3 days of strength training would be optimal!
It’s okay to gain weight. 
You cannot maintain your weight if you are not willing to gain weight. I truly believe in having a cycle, let’s call it maintenance.  This is where I am, this is my life.  I am not trying to lose weight or gain weight and I am in my happy zone.  I am in the 5-7 zone!
Now, say I want to go away on vacation or have an event, then all I have to do is make a few tweaks and scale back a little here and there and I am back at a zone 5-4. Go on vacation, then come back and go back to maybe 7.  And this is an ebb and flow during different seasons of your life in your nutrition which will help you to keep from losing your shit all the time! 
Change is good! 
If you are not changing something, something has to change! End of story, bottom line! I was in this vicious tornado for years and I had to change a little thing. So, I started eating a little more, but it wasn’t this dramatic change. It was a little more protein, a little more vegetables, and lifting a little more.  But it was all these little things that added up over time 1-3 things I could focus on! 
For so many women, the biggest thing keeping them back is the patience and the grace to just take action.  It keeps many people stuck. So, this summer I am running a 66-day challenge. Research shows it takes about 66 takes to create a habit.  And in those 66 days, we are going to focus on just a few things, and we are going to see how we move the dial just by keeping it simple. We are NOT trying to do all the things! We are NOT trying to be perfect! We are just keeping it really simple, focusing on a handful of skills that can really change your lifestyle around nutrition, working out, sleep, and stress management. 
If this sounds of interest to you, head over to the link below and get yourself on the list for the 5 days of consistency challenge. It starts June 12th! What throws you off your game when it comes to being consistent? Do you feel like you have been stuck in this same silo for decades and you don’t know how to break free or are you like you know what I am doing really good! I want to hear both sides of this coin! 
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