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How It’s Possible To Be Healthier In 90 Days

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Today, I want to talk to you about having a plan!  And I know for a lot of people planning is tricky, and quite challenging at times. Think about it like this we plan a vacation with our eyes shut, but planning our lives… WHAT’ Why do that”

My husband and I travel a lot, but for me, I HATE planning a trip, so I rely on other people to just give us all the info, and then we just execute it.  And so many of us just want someone to tell us to DO THIS and you just follow the breadcrumbs. But with setting goals, you cannot do this.. How many times have we set a goal, you didn’t achieve it overnight, you got pissed off and were like how the heck can we make it go faster! Or thought maybe I’m not supposed to achieve this goal’  And this happens because we live in a world of Amazon Prime and instant gratification.  😜

NOTHING ever works without having a plan! And this is from me, the professional Winger!!!  When it came to my health and fitness, I simply could not wing it. I couldn’t cram getting healthy into the length of time it takes Amazon to get me my package 🤯… It just doesn’t work that way!  NO, not even for you either!!!  Instead, you have to stop, and ask yourself “What are you trying to achieve’”, “What is the end goal’” and make sure to keep it as simple as possible. Instead of go big or go home. I’m saying go small and get shit done!

You want to boil that goal down to one priority and make it so stupid simple. Is it your goal to sleep more, or achieve a certain number of pull-ups, or create a bedtime and morning routine that works better for you’  Make it simple and make it crystal freaking clear as to what you are trying to do! (Also be sure to focus on non-scale things, so that weight loss becomes a by-product instead of the main product.)

Let’s create these smaller goals and do them one at a time.  Really focus on the power of one. Because you aren’t going to get anywhere chasing 500 different things!  Take your one priority and focus on that and the by Products will come out but keep the main thing the main thing! Smaller is better in the scheme of things!

As you create this plan of reaching a goal, you have to take some time to design what success looks like to you.  So, we are going to define things as good, better, and best. (5 pull-ups are good, but 10 is better and 15 is the best!)  And by doing this, it’ll make you feel as if you are ALWAYS achieving something.  Connect to your goal and form an emotional connection with it, that way you will get excited when you reach different elements of it.  How are you going to feel when you reach those goals” And lastly, you need your motivation!! So many people say, “I don’t have motivation.” Yes, you don’t have it, you have to CREATE it!! Other people can give you motivation, but YOU are the SPARK!

Someone else isn’t going to create this goal for you, this is YOUR GOAL to create, and YOUR GOAL to achieve.  Then YOU and ONLY YOU have to initiate this plan. Put a stake in the ground, claim your territory, and climb mount goal!!  But remember, this trip to achieve this goal isn’t going to be all sunshine and roses! There are going to be some bumps along the way because this isn’t a linear path! And just as life there are ups and downs, there will be with the road to your goals.

THIS is where the plan you created comes in.  What has tripped you up in reaching your goals in the past’  What do you do when you trip over those bumps’  The plan will help you in these situations, people! Think about those bumps and figure them into your plan and how you will act when hitting those bumps.

WHAT IS POSSIBLE when it comes to our goals’  Sometimes we overestimate what it is that we can actually do, and this is when we fall into issues.  You need to set goals that are out of your comfort level, but NOT out of your stratosphere.  Then commit to yourself of 6-12 weeks!!  Because I know for me if I commit to something for 6-12 weeks than I am going to get a greater level of fitness and results because of this commitment.

For me, I want to be able to move for the rest of my life and my health had to be first! So, when YOUUU make your health a priority. You are then making you a priority!  (You only get one body people!!)  My goal is to be in my 80’s and 90’s and not need to use a cane or a walker. So that’s what gets my booty out of bed in the morning to make sure I have the mobility and balance in my life to do that.  The plan also helps me to get out of my own way and just do it. A plan will also help to determine what YOU WANT vs. what someone else wants, which will help you get into momentum!  You’re in control, you’re in charge.

While creating a plan, you are going to also be building and strengthening new habits and creating and establishing new routines. And what is my FIT GIRL MAGIC FORMULA!’  Habits lead to routines which lead to consistency which lead to YOUR RESULTS!! Without a good habit, it is impossible to have a routine and without a routine, it’s impossible to get consistency and without consistency, it is impossible to get results. But when you put all of that together, it’s pure MAGIC!

And ladies, ease up on yourself with the scale! Losing weight can be a part of your goal, of course, BUT losing 60 pounds in 6 weeks is far too aggressive and it will not happen.  #sorrynotsorry Most of us will lose ½ a pound 1 week, then not lose anything for another week, then the following week lose 1 pound.  It can be difficult, so I don’t want you to just worry about what the scale says in regard to your goals. You are putting in the work and making your body better for you!  Those are the results you want to be worried about, the getting healthy part!

This is part of the guiding principle for all of my clients.  I want my clients to leave me feeling healthy and having a sustainable plan!!
I want you to start focusing on HEALTH versus what the scale says!  And check in with yourself every 2 weeks to see if you are in alignment with your goals.  Are you where you want to be and what have you learned to move on to the next level, or do you have to make any minor adjustments along the way’

THIS is the backbone of how I work with my clients.

  • What is the plan’
  • Let’s create your plan.
  • Follow through and I am going to hold your hand and guide you.
  • Be your accountability that you may be missing.

If this sounds appealing to you, hit me up or leave me a comment or find me on social! And I WOULD LOVE to continue with conversation and how I can help you! This is what I do, and I LOVE doing it, so it would be an honor to help you!


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