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Are You Ready To Become Consistent With Your Health| 109

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I have talked about consistency time and time again, so I think it is only right that we dedicate an entire podcast to this topic, because it is a HUGE part of the Fit Girl Magic Formula! And over the next few weeks, I will be sharing some podcasts and blogs about topics that I use to best serve my clients that work! So why consistency’ Why do we need to dive deep into it’ Because CONSISTENCY is what eludes sooooo many of you. Right

You want to come out of the gate crushing it, but that is not always how it works? Or life happens and something trips you up, and sometimes you just don’t get back up on the horse. And consistency is gone. Consistency is a huge part of getting the results you want.

So what is consistency when it comes to your health & fitness’ It is something that you can do daily. And like I said before, it is part of the Fit Girl Magic Formula! Creating great habits, those habits lead to routines, routines lead to consistency and consistency leads to results!!! And this is not 30 challenge, this is something that continues and keeps going past 30 days. It is 60+ days of routines to get you to that consistency where you do it without even thinking.

The first place we have to start when someone comes to me is with REPS. You can run anything through this and as soon as you hit a snag, you realize that it may not work, or you may hit a snag along the way. So, you want to check what you are doing against REPS! Going through these questions forces you to make a decision.

1. Is it REALISTIC’ Given everything going on in your life, is this path I chose for consistency realistic’
2. Am I EXCITED about it’ Just because Suzy did it doesn’t mean it will be exciting for you!
3. Can I make a PLAN for it in my life’ Is this a busy season for this in my life’
4. Is it SUSTAINABLE’ Can you see yourself doing this in the next 30 years, vs the next 30 minutes’

How do I get consistent”’ WE HAVE TO SET REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS! I have to accept that mistakes and setbacks are going to happen because perfect does not happen. Everyone will have a week that won’t work and will throw them for a loop, it is life! So, we have to plan for those loop weeks because if we don’t, we get pissed, think it is a sign and we quit.
You have to say there will be setbacks.
You have to say, what are my realistic expectations’
You have to say that if something doesn’t happen, I HAVE A PLAN B!

Realistic expectations help us from getting discouraged and helps you to break up with that all or nothing mindset. Then we start thinking about our progress day by day, week by week. When things don’t happen, focus on breaking up with the judgement! Every misstep is an opportunity to learn. Don’t judge and figure out how you can make it work.
So what can we do daily to help us become consistent’ To start setting good habits to get us in the flow of what to expect daily, weekly and monthly.

Do your exercise at the same time every day! Put it in your calendar and block it out like it’s an appointment. That way you can plan it into your day. Write things down!! I am huge on writing things down! You are more likely to do it when it is written down and on your schedule. Also, can you shoot to workout first thing in the morning’ So many studies show that people who work out in the AM have a higher adherence to the workout. Get it done in the AM, so you are good for the day! Figure out how to get motivated to get there! Incentivize yourself to get in that workout.

Be mindful about what you are eating. Be focused on what foods work best for you and don’t focus on a good food, bad food list. It’s just good food for you! If it makes you feel like crap, then it’s bad food and limit how often you eat it. There is room for all foods.

Breakfast is a big part of your day, and this will help set you up for what you eat throughout the day. Make that a meal that is satisfying and satiating. Make sure it has protein in it (this doesn’t mean peanut butter either), and that it is going to give you some sustenance! Will what you are eating help you feel full longer’

Be mindful that this takes time?. This is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. Many think everything is amazon prime. I’m here tell you to take your time. It takes time and patience!!! I want you to think about it as Lifestyle 66. This is you picking 1-3 things that you can commit to for 66 days! Write it down and mark off your calendar when you finish the habits. This helps you work towards habits that you just do without even really thinking about them.

Experimentation is a big part of this. It isn’t going to be the same for each person. What works for someone else, may not work for you. So, you have to experiment with what works for you, what feels good for you to do’ What is going to eventually feel effortless’ It is going to feel a bit challenging in the beginning but as we continue with it you will get there! But remember that as we do this, you want to respect your body. You want to respect how you feel. Do not beat your body into submission like I did for years. Trust me, it doesn’t work!

Water? Water can help you with consistency! A lot of people confuse thirst with hunger, so you think you are hungry and want to snack, maybe you just need more water throughout your day. One trick I have been doing is putting a 16 oz glass of water by my bed and as soon as you get up in the AM start drinking the water. I have 8oz before I have that first sip of coffee. Then finish the second 8oz before that second cup of coffee or whatever I am about to do next. ?Then have some before lunch and keep going throughout the day! Before you know it you are drinking plenty of water and possibly more than you have in the past!

I really want you to pick easy stuff, what is going to feel easy! Hard and struggling?. Let’s break up with that!! The diet industry says it has to be hard and if it’s effortless you are doing it wrong. But I am here to tell you that this is not the case!

SCALE it back and think about 1-3 that you can work on and make them small things. Break the project down into smaller bite size chunks instead of trying to do it all at once.
If you break it down into smaller pieces you can easily keep up the pace and not feel overwhelmed or overcomplicated. What can I do on a consistent basis that I don’t ever feel like I have to take a break from’ If you feel like you need to take a break, YOU ARE DIETING. We don’t want to be there!! We want to land in a place that just says this is what I do. This is my life. I AM NOT GIVING UP THINGS TO GAIN!

What do you value” Do you value your health more than staying up and binge watching whatever’ Do you value working hard and hustling more than you value taking 30 minutes for a quick workout’ Do you value going out with friends at night instead of going to the gym in the morning’ Check yourself before you wreck yourself!!!

Do you believe that you can change’ Is it your conscious or subconscious mind speaking’ 95% of our thoughts come from our subconscious mind and our Conscious mind is our thoughts. For the majority of you, your subconscious mind is running the show. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between real and imaginary, so here is where we start to think about where life would be like if we had consistency and the healthy lifestyle that I WOULD WANT! What would that person look like if they were consistent with that weight loss’ This is where you can journal and journaling what it is and where it is you that you aspire to get to. Write it in a way that YOU BELIEVE IT!

It all comes down to you repeating it because we learn by repetition. The first few days are going to feel awkward. Then one day it is going to feel easy! Scale back and consistently do what you can do because I want you to feel motivated and if you do too much, you are not going to feel motivated.

That motivation has to come internally from within. So what is it that is motivating you’

I want you to think about what you are doing right now.

Is it realistic’
Are you excited about it’
Can you make a plan for it in your life’
Is it sustainable for you’

Ask yourself these questions. And instead of focusing on your health, switch the mindset: do you value your health’ If you don’t value it, how are you going to make the changes necessary for your health’ I ask this question so you can ask yourself this hard question. Do you believe in yourself’ Do you believe you can lose weight and keep it off’ Do you believe it can be easy and effortless’

Because I am here to tell you that It can be. It just comes down to creating these easy habits that are set by you not anyone else!!

If you want to start this, join me in this Forever Fat Loss Mini Course! This is your stick to it forever, healthy lifestyle, 5-day course where I break down the fundamentals of weight loss! Let’s do this together and get you real, long-lasting results.


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