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How to create a calorie deficit?| 235

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Welcome to another episode of the Fit Girl Magic podcast as I take a deep dive into what exactly is a calorie deficit, and I’ll show you why it’s high time you said goodbye to the 3500-calorie rule. But that’s just the beginning – brace yourself for the revelation that overeating healthy foods is indeed possible. I’m going to reshape your perception of calorie as I compare it to managing your finances, offering you a fresh perspective on nurturing your nutritional “accounts.” 


Today, I’m unlocking the secrets of proteins, fruits and veggies and how they will become your trusted allies on your quest for a healthier you. But there’s so much more in this episode! I’ll touch upon the topic of emotional eating and why it’s crucial to seek professional guidance when you find yourself trapped in a web of food obsession. I’ll also share a cautionary tale that illustrates why skipping meals can lead to those relentless cravings and binges. And let’s not forget the importance of setting aside precious ‘you time’ – those moments of pure joy beyond your workout routine.

Quality sleep will take center stage as I stress its significance for your overall well-being. And of course, I’m not stopping there! I’m arming you with actionable advice to kickstart your transformation. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just embarking on your journey – this episode has something for everyone. Prepare to break free from the myths about carbs and fasting workouts and equip yourself with the tools needed to elevate your fitness game.

Ladies, especially those of you who are over 40, this is your golden opportunity to establish sustainable habits and wholeheartedly embrace the magic that resides within you. So don’t even think about missing this transformative episode. Tune in now, and together, let’s unlock your full potential!

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