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how to easily get your act together and be healthy

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Getting your act together and setting a goal to get healthy doesn’t have to be this strenuous task that takes every ounce of your being to do every single day.  It can be easy, trust me it can and all it takes is a few steps to start and get yourself going and turn those few steps into a routine that blends right into your everyday life so freaking seamlessly.

As a coach, I am like Aladdin!  You all have magic inside of you, and I just need to rub the lamp a little to help you find your magic.  You’re magic to get going and get healthy.  That magic that will help you get your life together. You have IT IN YOU!   There is no magic in fitness, that magic is simply within you. You want to build these healthy habits and those healthy habits create the magic!! Habits create routine, routine creates consistency, consistency creates results!!!

These habits need to start somewhere, as so does your fitness journey.  There has to be a starting line. You aren’t going to show up to a marathon ready to run never having trained a day in your life!  So, look at getting healthy as that marathon.  You have to begin somewhere, you have to become a beginner, and go through the awkward and messy phase. Think of it you are an explorer of new land!! FIND a fitness regime or workout that you enjoy and do it! Start there and create that healthy habit!

Starting with something that you enjoy doing, this will help you to stay on track and become more resilient to when shit happens in life.  Shit will happen, that is life and is not perfect, and it will never be perfect.  Successful people exude commitment, determination, patience and resilience.

When you begin… your focus should be on the PROCESS not the PROGRESS!  That process, those steps you are taking to get you there, THAT is the focus.  NOT how far you’ve gotten in those steps. You need to become CLEAR ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT!  Put that into your inner GPS to get your butt to where you EXACTLY want to go.


Knowing this is soo huge!! Why do you want this goal’  Why now, why in this very moment’  Your WHY is your motivation!  But your why may not come to you in 5 minutes, it may not come to you over night, it will most likely take time and events in your life happening in order to come to your why.  And once you’ve found that why, you must make sure that your ego doesn’t distract you from your why.  Don’t let your ego tell you what is going wrong or make you feel less if something does happen along the way.  You want your why to be STRONG, you want your why to come out and shut down your inner critic and that ego!

What are you fighting for girl!’!’  Where are you going with this’ And are you ready to take action and get started!’

Less Is More.

I am sooo freaking serious when I say this! When it comes to working out, less is more is going to get you to your goals faster!  Be smart about your workouts, because if you are over 40 and you push yourself too hard, it’s going to have awful repercussions on your hormones!  That used to be me!! I was always the “go crazy in the gym” type and had these insane workouts that, in my mind, I HAD TO DO!  But when I finally took a step back and started from the beginning as a beginner again, (yes, both messy and humbling) I started to see the results and I wasn’t killing myself!  And now as I look back over the course of the 5 years, I am back to where I feel I was, but I have lost the 15 pounds and they haven’t come back, because I started to listen to my body and honor my body!!  And guess freakin’ what!’ I no longer have that desire to be in the gym for 2+ hours anymore!

Where do you start’  Start with 15 minutes a day, THAT. IS. IT!!!  Just get your body moving for 15 minutes. Throw on some music and bust a move in the living room for 15 minutes, go for a run or walk, jump on a bike and take a ride around the neighborhood, or do some squats, pushups or whatever you want in your living room!  Just get that body moving for 15 minutes a day!  And as you go, move up to 30 minutes until you feel good at where you are at with your movement.  Bonus… doing this small thing every single day will eventually lead into your daily routines and taking that 15 minutes to move will be like breathing, you won’t even have to think about doing it! It just becomes second nature.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to do a ton of time spent on things. If you bite off more than you can chew, or tell yourself you need to do so much time when you don’t have that time, than you are not going to see it through…  Trust me, I have seen it many of times.

How do you start these habits so that they become a part of your life and routine’  Think about it as brushing your teeth.  That is a routine you do every single day and you don’t even have to think about it.  Wedge your 15-minute workout into a part of your day where you know you have time for it.  Where you know that you can commit to those 15 minutes and do it every single day.  And by doing this habit every day it every day it will become what….”…. YES a routine!!!

Okay, so the last piece I want to leave you with is, WE HAVE TO STOP THIS NO EXCUSES BS, THAT I HAVE TO GO ALL IN!!  No that is not it!! I live by the 80/20 rule and if you do this too, you will be able to do this.  Go for the B+, be average girl, go for the 80%.  If you are restricting yourself ALL the time, you are going to be miserable and when you do cheat, you could spiral and then we all know what happens.  Give yourself some GRACE and 80% of the time be committed and sticking to your diet and workout and leave the other 20% of the time for wiggle room on date nights, and vacations, and fun with friends and with your kids!

Take it from me, I am still achieving and doing awesome things, but I am not trying to kill myself to get there.  And I don’t have to kill myself to get there either.

And as I said, people who form great habits, they have the patience, they have the consistency, they have the tenacity, and they have the resilience to keep going, going, going even when stuff gets hard. Because they found their FITGIRL MAGIC!  And that fit girl magic is;  have great habits that lead to great routines that lead to consistency that leads to my results. And ultimately, we’ve all been chasing results.  Finding that consistency and creating those habits and those routines is the precursor that will eventually get you to your FIT GIRL MAGIC!

Let me know if you have any questions, ladies! I would love for you to hit me up if you need anything!!  And let me know in the comments, When you start, what will your 15 minute workout be’ Do you know’ I want to hear all about it!

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